Lighthouse, BBYCGN

In the Holy Spirit, with whom I confide,

he restores my strength through each blustery ride.

His peace keeps my panic from the gale at bay

and his lighthouse breaks the night into crumbs of clay.

I will seize the perilous waters and never drown

because even the storm whispers, “His grace abounds!” 


Grace, through Jesus Christ, is plentiful in keeping us walking on water as opposed to drowning in the rough seas of life.

The Lighthouse moves toward the direction of faith (trust) in him.

Copyright ©BBYCGN – All Rights Reserved, Baby!

Lighthouse, BBYCGN
God is love itself, BBYCGN
Lighthouse, BBYCGN
Trust in God produces gratitude. Joy in our gratitude produces good fruits.
Lighthouse, BBYCGN
Unlike this meme, God’s immeasurable love cannot be put in a box.
Lighthouse, BBYCGN
God’s light moves toward the direction of faith (trust).


    1. I tried a couple times to leave feedback on your beautiful writings, “God Himself”, but they would not go through. Your post is a fresh look at God’s life-giving words, and I ask The Lord for it to penetrate my heart. I KNOW it will be done through Jesus Christ!


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