Spread The Word On Narcissism

Pass it on, Narcissism

Please spread the word that true narcissism

is not a stereotypical, self-centered,

self-loving, dreamy-eyed obsessive vanity;

it is a Personality Disorder,

causing those closest to the Narcissist

to suffer untold misery,

psychological scarring,

and nothing short

of a devastating calamity.

Spread The Word On Narcissism, BBYCGN
Flying Monkeys, BBYCGN

Spread The Word On Narcissism

Those high on the Narcissism spectrum are dangerous people. They are not persons with a disorder, but a disorder without a person. Remnants of their many victims’ identities make up the Narcissist’s personality.


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Spread The Word On Narcissism, BBYCGN
Malignant Narcissist, BBYCGN
Spread The Word On Narcissism, BBYCGN
Creativity, BBYCGN
Spread The Word On Narcissism, BBYCGN
Narcissists’ Depravity, BBYCGN

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  1. You posted this, like, the winter-before-last, Tamara, but I just though of a question/comment now.

    How many among the Narcissists’ prey are aware their tormentors have a named condition? Most, I’d wager, are unaware their ordeal is recognized even, and that they’re not alone.

    That’s where you come in. “Spread The Word(?)” Indeed, you’ve done just that! Curious, have you ever encountered anyone who was completely unaware his/her plight was recognized? Anonymous, that is, until he/she found your blog.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, Keith! That’s why it is rewarding for me to help others. Many are unaware until they read about the condition. “Narcissism” is stereotyped as a simple vanity and conceit issue. Many are unaware of the psychological warfare it includes to the victim, and those surrounding the victim, as well.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. As did I, Tamara, before encountering your writing.

        When I used to hear the term I always thought of its inspiration in ancient Greek legend. A tale of Narcissus, a youth whose reflection in a pond fascinated him so, he wasted away, unable to break the trance.

        In other words a more-or-less harmless, if intense, conceit. Now, thanks to you, I know better, though!

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