Abusers Need Someone To Abuse

Abusers Need Someone

Abusers need someone in their life whom they can abuse.
Do not be that someone!

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  1. Abusers, Tamara, or vampires? Seems to me, this sort only lives by taking from others’ lives. “Let me drain your life to sustain my own.”

    This isn’t the way things are supposed to work.

    Relationships, good ones at least, augment each participant’s life. The secret’s in the math.

    In a Narcissistic situation, 1 + 1 = ….1? Well, not even, really, because can a Narcissist’s tricks really be described as “living?”

    Meanwhile, in the Enlightenment’s sunshine, interactions enrich both involved. Here, 1 + 1 = <2. You do the math; as I was but an English major.

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  2. Paul encourages Timothy to “Let no man despise you”. A good and powerful word. May we all be encouraged to stand upon the promises of God and not allow the opinions of other to penetrate our shield of faith.

    We stand accepted in the Beloved “Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God’s elect? It is God that justifieth” Romans 8:33


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