Miracle of Prayers

Miracle of Prayer, BBYCGN

We often call immediate answers to our prayers miracles. But his responses to our supplications- even if they take days, months, or even years- are also miracles. 

God can answer our prayers immediately- and sometimes does- but if every prayer is satisfied right away, it takes away the process of growth, long term healing, refinement of character, and witnessing to others in their pain. 

Despite our manic restlessness for prompt replies, our Father’s timing is always right as long as we are walking in Jesus’ light, through faith.

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Miracle of Prayers, BBYCGN
Miracle of Prayer
Miracle of Prayers, BBYCGN
Miracle of Prayer


  1. Timing puts us moderns in such a state, accustomed as we are to “instant” everything. Have we considered, though, that timing may be part of a larger plan? Maybe Providence waits to answer our supplication until the response will have the greatest benefit.

    Likewise, perhaps we aren’t mature enough yet (or at least we haven’t journeyed adequately) to appreciate what we really want. Think of the toy we wanted above all others when we were four. Denied that plaything, we’d be devastated. “No fair! I hate you!”

    Now though, there are about thirty-eight trillion things that’d make us happier.

    Also, no, I’m not always so philosophical. I too have occasional doubts, ruminations, and questions. The more I experience, though, the more I’ve learned to take comfort in the broader view. The answer isn’t “No,” but “Not yet,” or “Huh-uh – this one’s even better!”

    Once again, you’ve given us lots to consider, Tamara!

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    1. Your comment is overflowing with soundness and wisdom providing me and others who read this post much to consider and in which to find inspiration. Such great metaphorific examples, TA! Thank you. 💫 💫 💫

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