Women Narcissists And Their Victims

Women Narcissists And Their Victims

By default, women are granted credence in all allegations against men. Thus, it makes sense that, without question, false accusations created by manipulative female covert monsters are also in this mix.

The female predator is a proud pythoness for hand-rolling her own foul-smelling dung into concoctions of twisted half-lies and fabrications which she smears onto her victim.

The weight of abuse from a ruthless female is hard to shoulder for any man. Far-reaching ramifications of such cruelty might include heart-crushing alienation of the husband’s beloved children. The impressionable offspring might even come to believe that their loving dad is a savage brute through the brainwashing tactics employed by women narcissists.

Though covert abuse by women is not rare, it remains in the shadows and does not get shared with those who might provide support and validation as does abuse rendered by male predators.

She-wolves will go about using her partner’s hard-earned funds on whims of vanity, such as expensive clothing and overpriced accessories (which will just get trashed, anyway); eating out daily to make a lavish impression on her opportunistic friends; and fancy, needless material items that will never get used, but please the sales people, creating even more (superficial) admirers for this bottomless pit. 🩸

Women Narcissists And Their Victims, BBYCGN
Educating Ourselves on The Red Flags

Women Narcissists And Their Victims

The hardworking male provider cannot replenish funds fast enough before the she-vulture leaves her husband in the ruins of financial debt with zero savings in which to fall even for emergencies.

Constant drama hangs over an abused man’s head when living with a female wasp. Crises are commonplace, especially when her husband is indisposed at work and unable to deal with the ongoing shocking histrionics. She enjoys the devastation upon her victim by creating emergency situations- which include detriment to his beloved kids or pets- when he is most helpless to come to their aid.

Despite the breakdown of his home life, the devoted spouse continues his strict work schedule including waking up at dawn to prepare for the laborious day ahead- no matter the privilege of however little sleep granted him the night before, while finding minuscule comfort on a lumpy couch.

Greeted with cursing and verbal insults upon the victim’s return from making a living for the abuser and his beloved children, She-Wolf bombards him with never ending assaults- if she is even at home after spending the day indulging in the fruits of her husband’s sweat, tears and toil.

Divorce or even separation is not a straightforward answer for the long-suffering spouse. Even with 50% custody of his children, such an action would leave the youngsters vulnerable to a train wreck of neglect and abuse by the heartless (and now infuriated) she-devil.

Subjected to the woman’s new suitor (her fresh target) is the inconceivable realization that the couple’s shared offspring might be in future danger. The knowledge of this horrific scenario is even more painful than living in the clutches of this savage She-Brute. 🩸

Women Narcissists And Their Victims, BBYCGN
Thorns on a Rose 🥀

Women Narcissists And Their Victims

This woman’s allure is the adornment of a false mask which feigns inner and/or outer beauty to entrap her mark. However, as soon as the bond is complete via matrimony, her veil slips down in a lazy (now I’m married and set for life) manner, revealing her cold-blooded reptilian nature- for his eyes only.

The scourged husband is melancholic and weary in his isolation, but he is not alone. There are many women who are narcissists with no ability to self-reflect or account for the havoc and destruction- behind closed doors- in which they hail down upon the men to whom they vow their forever love.

Society and the legal system contribute to the despair of male sufferers since, as mentioned above, they believe women without thorough investigation.

Female monsters use this well-known reality beyond the hilt without a single nick to their consciences- if it even exists.

Many of us (men and woman) are familiar with women Narcissists (as well as non-Narcissists who one could refer to as the Proctologist’s specialty) via Narcissistic mothers or even a male Narcissist’s catty Flying Monkeys who coddle and enable the male predator and aid him in spreading his Smear Campaigns. 🩸

Women Narcissists And Their Victims, BBYCGN
There is no weakness in men seeking out support!

Women Narcissists And Their Victims

Abuse Tactics

Inhuman treatment, at the hands of manipulative, dagger-bearing women, might include:

1). The smearing of victim to friends and family to create the illusion that it is he who is the perpetrator;

2). False rape allegations;

3). Child Alienation;

4). Withholding sex from husband as a form of power and control;

5). Isolating victim from friends and family;

6). Ms. Jekyll/Ms. Hyde: drastic mood changes and the overwhelming stress of never knowing which temperament to expect;

7). Permanent damage to victim’s finances;

8). Sabotaging victim’s hard-earned career;

9). Provoking romantic suspicion- while claiming the sufferer is a jealous person;

9). The continued absence of her presence- leading him to suspect she is carrying on an affair. (No matter the cruelty of abuse, constant aloneness and isolation is traumatic to anyone’s psychological health);

10). Becoming fat and undesirable (not due to untreated health issues, but from the standpoint of not caring about her husband’s satisfaction since now she knows he is fused with her through marriage);

11). General Provoking and Baiting; (creating natural human responses (see: Reactive Abuse), which enable the female abuser to call the authorities on her male target to claim that it is she who is the victim);

Female covert abusers exercise countless demeaning and vicious tactics that can be far worse than any form of physical abuse. 🩸

Women Narcissists And Their Victims, BBYCGN

Women Narcissists And Their Victims

Tips for Men:

Once you have seen her puke-green colors, never turn your back on this monster. She will attack when your guard is down, and it will include the most shocking, unspeakable tactics. (Later on, the psychological stress of always being on guard from her painful arrows of abuse will represent itself as the fight, flight, or freeze response of PTSD; if you get out now, you will heal).

Abusive women get away with their cruelty by merit of being female, but here are some suggestions for recipients of horrific female abuse:

Women Narcissists And Their Victims, BBYCGN

1). Document and date every abusive occurrence in a detailed fashion. Keep these records well-hidden.

2). Work with an advocate from a domestic violence program to get a restraining order. This will help protect you from the abusive woman, provide further documentation, and also allow you to ask for temporary and/or permanent custody of your children.

3). Access counseling services so you begin the recovery process and have someone on your side who can bear witness to your ordeal, along with their continued documentation of your situation, if needed.

4). Get legal advice- some counties offer these services for free.

5). Do not allow yourself to be provoked into getting arrested. Leave first- at least until things calm down.

6). Talk with your family and/or friends who can help and offer support.

7). Do not lose sight of your identity despite false or trumped up allegations fabricated by women abusers! If you remain in this situation, you will become a hollow shell of your former self!

If she attempts to Hoover you, do not fall for it! All abusers play this card and try to convince their targets that they are sorry. She will act apologetic, promise change and offer you the bride whom you thought was the love of your life. Do not be deceived.

The female-tarantula will use her guilt-inducing maneuvers to hook you again. But this time around, the abuse will be much worse. Now she is prepared and there is a white fire burning within her yearning to be quenched by engulfing you in her revenge!

Unless we help ourselves first, we can aid no one else. Get out ASAP. Decide what to do for the children after you are out of danger!



Abused Men, Invisible Victims

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Women Narcissists And Their Victims, BBYCGN


  1. Thanks for this, Tamara. Information, generously supplied. and it’ll take me a while to absorb it all. You were most diligent in assembling all of this. What a project!

    Call me naïve, call me sheltered, but I never have tangled with a Narcissist. Oh, there have been “special” people galore, but none have descended, quite, to the depravity you describe.

    That doesn’t prevent me from recognizing and respecting your own skills and goodness in overcoming Narcissists in your own life, though. Plus, most of your tips also may be applied in my own not-quite-so-trying circumstances. A difference, mainly, of degree.

    Yet again, thanks, Tamara!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for such a generous comment, Keith. Yes, women abusers exists but don’t get as much exposure as men abusers, which is detrimental to men with abusive partners.

      Also, a women can be abusive but not necessarily a “Narcissist”. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter her classification since a predator is a predator.

      There are many types of abuse including Physical, Psychological, Spiritual, Social, Emotional, Sexual, and Financial.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and for your wonderful comment!

      😃 😃 😃

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Bill! I am glad you also wrote an article about Abuse on Men and will plan to check it out if I can find it.

      Yes, this subject is a serious one and needs to come to light.



  2. Thanks for addressing this important issue. It has been an interest of mine for a long time too.
    For sure, men are victims too – I found some statistics on this while looking at Statistics Canada. It isn’t often talked about, but it should be. 🌷

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Sally, for recognizing it’s importance.

      Men often suffer in silence and become isolated in their misery. It saddens me and I’d like more men to speak out so that it might cause a chain reaction of more coming forward.

      I really didn’t think I’d have too many women appreciating this post so I am grateful for your comment. This tells me you are a kind and compassionate woman.

      Of course, women can experience abuse from other women, as well: friends, employees, employers, aunts, mothers, and even elderly grandmothers!


      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thanks so much. We certainly feel the same way about this important issue. As you say, we need to make others more aware of various types of abuse, which are always tragic.
        You’ve inspired me to continue research into this. 🌷🤗

        Liked by 1 person

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