Victim, A Hated Word

Victim, A Hated Word

Though victim is a hated word, every current and future survivor needs to accept its cloak before becoming a warrior.

The alternative is to deny its reality, thereby repressing bitter injuries and delving deeper into despair never to fully recover.

Perpetrator should be the word which creates repulsion- not victim.

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  1. Too right!

    Bullies and abusers toss the word ‘victim’ around like it’s an insult. “Oh, you’re such a victim” or “You have a victim mentality” – as if you *chose* to have wrongs done to you 😠

    Their misapprehension and misuse of the word shows how narrow and twisted their view is.

    It’s time to take back the term and use it correctly – there’s no shame in being honest. Using the word ‘victim’ in itself shows that something was done *to* you; the problem and the shame lie with the abuser.

    If you are a victim, speak up about it. Bring the perpetrator into the light, if you can. It’s the best way of protecting yourself and others from future mistreatment x

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