What is A Thong? Fun Trivia

What is A Thong? Trivia

The thong was first invented to aid sopranos in sustaining their amazing high notes.

Derived from the Coansia language, ‘thong’ means: an all day wedgie.

Before long, the ingenuity of the thong movement took over and now many women sport all day wedgies as profound evidence of the marvels of modern civilization.

After all, what’s not to love about the obvious self-respecting aspect of an all day wedgieinduced waddle?

Fun Trivia

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What is A Thong? Trivia, BBYCGN


  1. Interesting. Actually, cringeworthy to contemplate, Tamara, but not nearly as hideous as were the modifications singers once underwent to perfect their art. Consider the castrati. A perversity of what, otherwise, was that most civilized of centuries.

    Well, it was an effective, if gruesome, way to reach those high notes. I’m as much an opera lover as is anyone, Tamara, but there are some things a guy just doesn’t want to imagine…

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