Narcissistic Web Weavers

Webs Weavers, NarcIssists

Narcissistic web weavers conceal their calculated tactics within the intricate woven curves and angles of their crafty mazes.

Since the abuse is so subtle to outside observers, it infuses victims with the venom of Cognitive Dissonance.

Obscure webs of evil are only recognizable in hindsight or via the microscopic lenses of past experience.

2 Corinthians 11:14

No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light

Spider-Man’s Narcissistic Brother – The Web

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Narcissistic Web Weavers, BBYCGN
Narcissistic Web Weavers, BBYCGN
Narcissistic Web Weavers, BBYCGN
Narcissistic Web Weavers, BBYCGN


  1. So true. One’s not aware of being manipulated years afterwards. It is so sad but true. Make sure you are not too sad, depressed, and hungry. And be very vigilant when you are. Whenever you are at a low point, you become a target for such people around you who will prey on your fragility.

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    1. SJ, I can imagine! Narcissists do tend to congregate in churches where they can be spotted by everyone for “doing good” and being “diligent Christians”.

      Several of the Narcissists I have “known” used Christianity as a way to mask their true nature as well as to ‘gain superiority’ and rebuke others while they were doing the exact things, or worse, in which they were accusing others.

      Spiritual abuse from Narcissists can create deep cognitive dissonance and make many fall away from their faith in our ever-loving Father.

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  2. Yes, Tamara, apt description. Not only are narcissists spiders, envenomating victims In hopes of dissolving their souls, but there’s something of the vampire in them too.

    How else do narcissists replicate themselves? It isn’t by the conventional human method, which love and optimism inspires at some level, but by breaking down and corroding their victims’ souls.

    Attractive graphic to illustrate today’s entry, by the way. Too bad the subject matter doesn’t match.

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    1. No, the subject matter is not attractive, but helping others to become aware of the insidious methods used by “these kind”, and therefore, aiding those in the recovery process, is highly attractive. 😊

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      1. Oh, I agree, Tamara!

        I hope you know I wasn’t disparaging your topic, but, rather, what Narcissists try to do.

        You overcome that particular ugliness with your illustration’s splendor and, above all, with your victorious strategy to persist and to exceed. Narcissists befoul, and you more than make up the difference!

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