Narcissists Rewriting History, Quote

Narcissists Rewriting History, Quote

Even stealthy minds will not benefit from the finest conditioners on market when tangles and snarls of disorientation- during the harsh, yet subtle brainwashings suffered in the realms of lives encrusted with Narcissists rewriting history- claim one’s sanity.

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Narcissists Rewriting History, Quote- BBYCGN
Narcissists Rewriting History, Quote, BBYCGN


  1. Ha, Tamara! One must be in top form when Narcissists jumble history. Problem is, though, they specialize in hypnotizing their victims, as do some snakes. Thus, unless their victims are unusually confident, or have had too much already of the Narcissists’ lies, the victims begin to doubt the truth and, inevitably, themselves.

    “Um, Aztecs? I thought it was the Incas. Wait, what?

    “When did we start talking about the Maya?

    “Please…I’m so confused!”

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