Jabbar Gerbil And Learned Helplessness

Jabbar Gerbil experienced the continuous disaster of his exercise wheel falling on top of him. He could not help himself out of the situation, so he often remained entrapped beneath the crushing device.

 The Learned Helplessness in which the catastrophes inflicted Jabber Gerbil imprisoned him in both fear and fury. His corrupt gerbil-caregivers that were blood-stained cats in fuzzy-bunny clothing intensified his sense of powerlessness and his inability to protect himself.

Covert Predators are often those of whom the world least suspects, so Jabber Gerbil also suffered Cognitive Dissonance because of the Machiavellian rodent-physicians, In-Cage-Supportive-Service Providers, and other gerbil caretakers he encountered.

Jabbar Gerbil needed to regain his sense of safety over the injurious running wheel and all his tormentors or else he would end up shooting everyone down in a mall and go to gerbil-jail for the rest of his life.

As God’s Saving Grace Willed, Jabbar Gerbil remembered God’s faithfulness and called out to Him in his fury. The Good Lord enlightened Jabbar Gerbil with power by showing Jabbar Gerbil how to encase his running contraption on a balancing track within more narrow boundaries.

And He also turned Jabbar Gerbil’s attention to the contact number for Rodents’ Advocate so he could report his Narcissistic Hamster-Doctor, Dr. Menker, for his harmful acts. God also showed Jabbar Gerbil the way to connect with Gerbil Protective Services in which to rat on the fraudulent Christian ICSS Provider, Unscrupulous Lydia, and all her flying homies.

God gave back Jabber Gerbil his power and sense of safety without Jabber Gerbil having to resort to gunning down a post office. Gerbils do not do well in prison because of the stale corn flakes served.

Copyright ©Tamara Yancosky – All Rights Reserved 🐹

Jabbar Gerbil And Learned Helplessness - BBYCGN


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