Elvis Presley Is All Shook Up

Elvis Presley Quote

Elvis Presley is all shook up, as am I over WordPress’ rules and Block Editor.

As you might know, I endure a love/hate relationship with this blogging site.

At times, I find myself loudly voicing my description of WordPress as a.. umm, Proctologist’s Specialty.

I don’t know if this Elvis Presley Youtube video will come through for you, but I will post it.

The song is All Shook Up.

I dedicate this song to my Australian Shepherd. She is brilliant.

I will add the video in my comments’ section as well in case it doesn’t play here and you wish to listen to it. 😝



  1. Oh definitely, Tamara, Block Editor layers on more complexity, making it more difficult to get from A to B.

    That said, Block Editor and I have an uneasy truce. While Block is the default, all I have to do is select “Classic” from the dropdown options when I start a paragraph. Classic is a must when using cooking terms loaded with accents. Among other niceties.

    While I do alright, I think, navigating WP internally, a friend suggests I set up a presence on Instagram and/or Pinterest, to help draw traffic to the site.

    Of course, someone like you, whose page is full of graphics and clever formatting, very well may find Block inadequate for what she’s trying to accomplish.

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    1. Thank you, Keith. Though I do see the Classic Editor option, it won’t let me choose it for some reason. Maybe it’s my device I’m using. If this is the case … my apologies to WordPress! 😭

      LOL.. Thank you for your kindness, TA.

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