Forgiving The Hater’s Condition

Forgiving the hater’s


does not grant

them permission

to silence

our suspicions,

offering them


to cause further


in addition

to increasing

our dissonance

of cognition.

Forgiveness frees us
Forgiving The Haters’ Condition

Forgiving The Hater’s Condition

Loving and forgiving haters who intentionally harm us is possible when we open up the chambers of our heart to The Holy Spirit.

However, here lies the most divine workings of our Lord:

we can even excuse the actions- and offer genuine tenderness- for haters who injure our loved ones (even if they are not sorry) if we have Christ flourishing within.

This is not only a mountain-moving miracle but concrete evidence of His perfect mercy toward our own transgressions!

Pardoning those who not only burn us but ravage our loved ones is to our benefit because it frees our souls from their grip.

In everything, our Father desires the ultimate best for his children!

Let us pardon their sadistic


as we hand them over

a Notice

of Eviction.

Copyright ©BBYCGN – All Rights Reserved


  1. Awesome post! God desires us to forgive because He knows that forgiveness doesn’t let the person off the hook, but sets us free for anger, hatred, and holding grudges, which will only ensure our misery. Thank you so much for posting! ❤

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    1. You’re welcome, Bill. It’s so important to forgive to maintain our sanity, blessings, and also to not do anything that could get us sent to prison. But importantly, through Jesus Christ, when we forgive others, we will find great peace and relief.

      However, in our pardoning of their harm against us or our loved ones, we also must not hand them over an additional bullet to shoot us once again.


  2. Forgiveness is the tool that helps us to free ourselves from burdens and to walk lightly and happily through life. It helps us to leave grudges, desires for revenge and those negative emotions, product of a situation that hurt us. It is good to know that forgiving is not forgetting, minimizing or justifying the damage. If we believe in God, God in forgiveness.
    Good for your reflection. It is contagious when reading you.

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