Writing Patterns And Moods

Writing Patterns And Moods

I’m sure y’all can tell the differences in my writing patterns which all depend on my moods.

Here’s the thing … sometimes my writing is icky and other times I like it even more.

The times I don’t care about grammar are whence I just wanna get all my feelings heard and everything.

It could get a lot worser.

Cause it just might.

Below are 2 photos of my counselor before and also after my appointment:

P.S. If y’all could see me right now, you’d hear that I am being attacked by the Boogie Woogie “you’re destined for great things” Monster.

©Tamara Yancosky

Writing Patterns Depend on my mood
Writing Patterns Depend on my mood


  1. What is grammar, Tamara, other than a distraction which allows those who missed the point to continue hiding from it?

    We communicate our minds. Isn’t that the purpose? Some, though, would rather whip out the magnifying glass and go item-by-item on their 12,567-page checklists. Great – enjoy your cramped, colorless lives.

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