Narcissists’ Advocate

Important Message To A Meaningful Comment

Below is a meaningful comment I received

from someone by the name of Array;

my reply is beneath her observation

containing an important message

which I am eager to convey!

Array’s comment is a thoughtful defense

in regard to Narcissistic, Sociopathic and Psychopathic Personalities

As follows:

Narcissists’ Advocate

“What if Narcissism is a birth defect? What if it is hereditary? The actions of someone with narcissism, psychopathic, or sociopathic personalities are extremely life changing and permanant, but that does not mean they had a choice to be one or not. I believe they do not, and they IF they wanted to change it, they have so little to work with.” From: Array

Since it is important to get opinions on both sides of the coin, I value her viewpoint.

My reply to Narcissists’ Advocate

Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I forgive anyone who has ever harmed me and even injured my loved ones. Such forgiveness is a miracle from God!

Still, I write about Narcissists, Sociopaths and Psychopaths to help validate the isolation visited upon the victims of such abuse.

My writings and quotes are not for the benefit of Abusers, but for the sake of the victims/survivors.

I cannot see inside the workings of the predators’ minds or methods, but I know they choose the most trusting, innocent, vulnerable, and even damaged people to target. This includes children and animals.

Those who rape, sodomize, torture (both mental and physical trauma) babies, and men and women are accountable to God, just as we all are answerable to The Lord since we are all sinners. Already forgiven are those who accept Jesus Christ and live by faith.

Much of the time, the casualties of Sociopathic Predators have so little to work with, as well. Isolated, hated, (due to Smear Campaigns) and void of the ability to speak out, I attempt to give these victims a voice.

Disordered Personalities, in whom you are speaking, do not need an advocate. The world already loves them. These Sadistic Entities appear as the sweetest of syrups in a world of dry waffles (they become The Antidote to all misery) and they wear their masks well.

Believe me, John Gacy, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey MacDonald, Jeffrey Dahmer, Diane Downs, Deidre Hunt, James Porter, Leonarda Cianciulli, Surinder Koli, Elizabeth Bathory, Albert Fish, ETC., would not grant their supporters, nor their devotees’ innocent children immunity from their harm.

Whether seared consciences by their own choosing, the joy of living out their lives in the most primitive experience possible, or born without a choice in the matter, the recipients of their horrific abuse need a voice and recognition for the torment in which they suffer at such hands.

I appreciate your wish to advocate and argue for Abusers (although cherished and welcomed into our world with open arms already), but I choose to communicate for the broken ones who are unloved, lonely, and hopeless. It is they who lack the resources and understanding in which to aid in their cragged, long-suffering road to recovery.

Nevertheless, thank you for your feedback, Dear Narcissists’ Advocate. Though I speak out for victims, it is not my place to implement judgement upon predators.

I wrote a simple poem a few years ago that went like this:

‘My words are to help protect others; thus, my purpose is not to wave a wand of judgement against any of you;

after all, The Good Lord knows, well enough, that in a manner of speaking, upon my belly, I often slither, too.’”

Copyright ©Tamara Yancosky, Monikajeneva, BBYCGN


  1. Interesting conversation. Machiavellianism runs in my family. It has convinced me that there is a genetic component especially when you see a pure Machiavellian character in a child from an idyllic upbringing.
    (Glad I don’t have children – a major fear was they would replicate some of my relatives).
    I agree with you. The priority must be warning and protecting the unsuspecting from the predators, the wolves in sheeps clothing. More research is needed. If genetic the condition is incurable and the only protection is teaching prospective victims the profile so they can identify the predators.

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  2. Wow, well done, Tamtam, this is an amazing reply! I can see this other person’s view; it’s the nature/nurture debate, which nobody knows. However, I still feel people have a degree of choice. It’s a choice to murder someone, it’s a choice to gaslight someone. You can have murderous or narcissistic drives, but you have some control over whether you inflict them upon another person. If we say there’s no human control, then all rules go out of the window and anyone can do as they please to hurt others. That’s not a world I’d want to be in (it’s bad enough as it is!)
    I think you do a fantastic job of raising awareness, showing readers what signs to look for and validating the experience of the ‘victim’, for lack of a better word. As you say, there’s so much loneliness in the experience and it must be utterly awful going through it alone, feeling as though you’re the weak one or the one in the wrong, when that’s just not the case at all. xx

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    1. Caz, oooh, this is like Christmas in waking up and finding such a lengthy paragraph of feedback from you!

      Yes, choice plays a role. I’m not an expert on Sociopathy (thank The Lord), but I’ve heard it said that Sociopaths know the difference between right and wrong; they just don’t care.

      If such personalities, as mentioned above, have no choice, then there is no humanity in which to even debate. They would be more like an “inhuman entity” and all the more dangerous. Thus, all human reasoning goes out the window- from both sides of the coin.

      Your words are so kind and helpful to me, dear Caz. I appreciate you!

      It says in The Bible that we are not fighting against earthly people, but against dark spiritual realms. (This isn’t the actual quote. So, I hope I wrote it with accuracy. If I go check out the actual verse I will lose this reply to you).


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  3. The abuser is a predator who takes the other as a prey. He denies the existence of the other as a person and assaults his subjectivity –both physical and psychic– and, beyond the fact that the body pays a tribute, it leaves it simultaneously devastated. So there is no way to justify these acts. Your article prompts reflection and a better understanding of this problem. A good article.

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  4. Well said, Tamara. The reason one is an abuser doesn’t matter as far as the abuse goes. Abuse is abuse and leaves in its wake broken lives for many, not just the abused. Still, I understand the abuser may need treatment as well. May he/she get it.

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    1. Thank you so much, Bill; your comment is of great benefit to me and also everyone who reads this post.

      Yes, my writings are not for the benefit of the Abuser, but they are for the broken, lonely, and abused.

      At the same time, I hope that all predators find their souls and open their hearts to God, understanding the brevity of this passing life, and the preciousness of Eternal Life.


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