Wrestling With God – Update

Confidential information

resides within my lair

about a monster

in whom others

ought to beware;

but my pining

to distribute abroad

has my conscience

wrestling with God.

Massive evidence

tarries in my care

in witness

to the unmasked-self

I have seen him wear.

Temptation fidgets

in want to convey

that which my core values

must carefully weigh.

Is it godliness

that creates my yearning

to dispense?

Or, is it the knowledge

of other’s shock,

exciting my suspense?

Will the facts

help other victims

who are long overdue,

or am I seeking revenge

for my anger

which has thus ensued?

Having written this post in 2017,

and praying it through,

I have given it to God

who will see justice and mercy through.

*P.S. I forgive you. *

Copyright ©Tamara Yancosky – All Rights Reserved


  1. You are right, the best way indeed, is to ask GOD for guidance Tamara and He will direct you. You will know that it is GOD’s guidance when after implementing it, you feel light right after it is unloaded.

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