Part With The Stars And Moon?

Part With The Stars And Moon? Tamara Yancosky

Within the depths of the lowest key,

sophisticated, yet floundering, he summons me.

I soothe his madness with a crystalline reply,

“part with the stars and moon? Not, I”.

His tone, now calm,

lulls us into a symphonic bliss

as we drift into the harmonic night

with a kiss.

Copyright ©Tamara Yancosky – All Rights Reserved, my beloved allies

Endless Love

Opposites Attract

Two Hearts


  1. Beautiful expression, Tamara, of the intoxicating tune that accompanies our lives’ noblest moments. …and a jaunty prelude to the symphony our hearts strive to create.

    Oh, and glad you’re back. I was beginning to worry you had walked away from this whole blogging thing.

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