Confrontation and The Passive Aggressive Personality

Confrontation and The Passive Aggressive Personality

Confrontation is a broad term used by many a Passive-Aggressive Personality to encompass all their partner’s misery brought about as a reaction to this abuser’s disrespectful and demeaning statements and/or underhanded behaviors.

The serpent will retract its fangs and take on the victim role while deflecting blame back onto their prey, claiming that confrontation repels him/her. Thus, when conveying injured feelings, the target looks like the unstable, argumentative partner who enjoys starting fights.

In time, the barrage of belittling insults and degrading actions from the Passive Aggressor will become even more hidden beneath a dismal haze of guilt and self-questioning suffered by the accused.

Since Narcissists consider genuine emotions a handicap, they manipulate other’s vulnerabilities to their advantage, always winning as they take full control of relationships.

Without nostalgic memories or tender thoughts over time-invested, these cold-blooded figures slither away with no warning- while filling their tummies with rats, cockroaches, and bats- when inconvenienced by their partner’s confrontations (AKA: battered feelings).

* My goal is to validate the bizarre ironies that exist in Narcissistic Abuse to help ease the loneliness and confusion that many men/women endure as recipients of these personalities.

Copyright ©Tamara Yancosky – All Rights Reserved

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  1. Your posts are so incredibly helpful to me. I’m just on the other side of this type of relationship and my head hasn’t even stopped spinning yet. It is so nice to find validation for what we have been through. I feel like the last 13 years of my life were all a lie and a charade. I’m grateful for the research you have done and your willingness to share. Thank you!! ❤

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    1. Beth,

      Your comment inspires me to continue reaching out. Thank you!

      I have also spent too many years wasted on these abusive personalities in not realizing exactly what I had gotten myself into, hoping they’d change, not knowing how to ‘get out’, and so many other reasons.

      I understand the “spinning” and cognitive dissonance. It can be disheartening to realize it was a charade- an illusion. But, eventually we can end up stronger thru our struggles. But, it is a tedious healing process, at times.

      💕 If you ever need to talk, I am here. 💕

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  2. Snakes indeed! So do you mean the confrontation is the term given to the abuser’s victim when they respond? Maybe I’ve got that wrong, my brain is very foggy today.
    You always give such brilliant descriptions to the lowlifes. xx

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    1. Caz, yes “confrontation” is used by the abuser to deflect blame back onto the target for hurt reactions due to predator’s demeaning remarks.

      Awe, thank you for such a sweet compliment. Of course, I probably can’t consider them “lowlifes” as I am a Christian and we are all sinners, but their actions are below respectable standards. (Maybe that’s what you meant). Lol.

      I can’t find your email. I’ve been wanting to write to you. If you get a chance, shoot me an email and then I’ll have your address.

      Love & hugs!


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