Thousand Words and Self-Compassion

Thousand Words and Self-Compassion

Groveling through the muck of several distressing days, I wrote my a counselor an absurd email drawing upon a thousand words to express one simple feeling.

In his kindness, he told me to practice self-compassion, verifying my place in this world, as part of my Mindfulness Training.

Below is the new email I wrote to him covering the tracks of my previous brainlessness.

“…Someone must’ve spiked my punch bowl with a high dose of liquid stupidity right before I wrote you that email- (except for the part about The Holy Spirit).

All I meant to say was that daggers penetrated my marrow when you disappeared upon the cessation of our virtual appointment. But I had to write it decorating it in a thousand words as if Super Freak held possession over me.

Sorry you had to be subjected to such d*mb*ss jargon. Thank you for your beneficial guidance. I will do as you say and practice self-compassion.

I realize it takes serious grit to put up with my asinine ineptness. But can you imagine the fortitude it takes for me to have to put up with myself? Wow. Just … wow… “

He replied and said that I did nothing wrong and he would see me again soon. His reassurance eased my stress from thinking he would honor anyone who might murder me.

In gratitude, I sent him a softly obscene photograph of the intimate union between Succulent Red and Regal Blue newlyweds creating a new life. The couple will name junior, Purple.

My memoir, Killing Mommy, will find its place in the world of publications, soon. My procrastination has run a worthy race, but now I must get back to finishing my book.

Let us each remember self-compassion and self-forgiveness.

Copyright ©Tamara Yancosky – All freakin’ Rights Reserved 🥺

Thousand Words and Self-Compassion

Thousands of Words and Self-Compassion


  1. Tamara, what a delight you are, coaxing supreme expressiveness and lyricism from everyday words! Words we otherwise would’ve taken for granted.

    Compassion for others, of course, but just as important, we need to save some for ourselves. It allows for recognition of the occasional (and inevitable) stumbles and, in its broad sympathy, it also gives us room to correct our course. An undue harshness makes no provision for any of this.

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