Polka Dot Heart

He ties on buttons

and zips up lace;

rowing his car,

he competes for fifth place.

An obtuse oddity

built into his core;

he is too gnarly to resist,

or ignore.

The crux of his conduct

leaves me perplexed;

thus, I continue to unravel

its curious context.

A puzzle with a piece missing-

or maybe more,

his unsolvable fiber

I am compelled to adore.

A perfectly imperfect

fitting glove

hardly can exist

as an ordinary love.

An authentic opus

of abstract art,

I am forever tethered

to his polka dot heart.

Copyright ©Tamara Yancosky – All Rights Reserved, dear allies

Polka Dot Heart, Tamara Yancosky


  1. Thanks for your many comments on my blog today! Thanks for sharing about the movie. I’m sorry to hear you woke up at 3 AM and can’t go back to sleep! I went to sleep at 3 AM to finish my studies for preaching today. So I’m about to take a nap now that we came home from church.

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  2. Love has that mysterious halo that you never know when or how it will arrive. The important thing is to be willing to receive it. The love of children is incomparable. Nothing can be matched. A big hug with a lot of affection and personal esteem.
    Manuel Angel

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    1. Love has that mysterious halo that comes without waiting for it. The point is our willingness to accept it as it comes. Sometimes we need to turn the page. My regards and a big hug with a lot of affection.
      Manuel Angel

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