Toxic People Make Us Look Crazy

Long introductions leading to the actual subject at hand frustrate me.

Thus, without further la de da, here is a list of some reasons on how toxic people be makin’ us look crazy:

1). We go back and forth from No Contact with toxic people to wanting to give these puppeteers another chance. This can make us appear unstable in our reasoning skills when we tell others why we separated from the abuser only to return to befriending them once again.

2). Unhealed inner-wounds can make us get caught up in one toxic relationship after another. Not understanding this, people might see this as eyebrow-raising and wonder if we are the common denominator.

3). Repressed emotions from years ago can make the decades, or even months, of abuse erupt into a volcanic spewing of nothing less than everything the abuser has ever done to us which we could never talk about before. It could look like we are over-sensationalizing circumstances.

4). The minutiae, intricate manipulations, trickery, and under-the-radar verbal and psychological attacks from these Dark Artists are hard to explain without making ourselves come off as mindless moon-drifters.

5). Toxic people- Narcissists in particular- will smear us long before we are aware of their abuse. Explaining to others the situation as to why we left the masked scorpion is often futile since the brainwashing has already caused them to think we are in need of the latest and strongest antipsychotic medication available.

6). We cannot explain all the backhanded abuse that has gone on for years. The tendency to leave important details out of our descriptions is because we realize that our explanation already sounds like we are recreating dialogue from some far-fetched storyline, or unbelievable thriller movie. It is just seems too unrealistic.

Despite our resemblance of a psych ward patient in need of padded walls, the best advice I can offer is to not worry what others think. Just get out and stay out.

In these relationships, often- not always– the calm, level-headed one is the abuser, and the emotional wreck is the victim.

We know the truth and so does God!

Copyright ©Tamara Yancosky – All Rights Reserved


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