Sons of Love

Sons of Love, BBYCGN

Sons of Love –

Dirty faces;

wall-to-wall toys;

a household

of entertainment


my babies;

my boys!


Material things


less and less,

as little boys


make such

a marvelous mess!


Broken possessions

are not a crime,

nor are

sticky walls

laden with


all of the time!


My young fellows have opened

my eyes clearly wide,

and have shown me

what truly matters,

which is


that ever abides!

My babies;

my sons;

a mother knows

no greater love,

except for that of our Savior,

Jesus Christ,

in the Heavenly Realms above!

Sons of Love

Whether my children are five, twenty, fifty, or a hundred years of age, they will never cease to be my babies!

Words do very little justice in explaining the depths and the heights of a parent’s love for that of each of their children; unconditional love, such as this, will forever be inexhaustible, no matter what they do, or don’t do.

From tricycles, training wheels, and bicycles, to skateboards, rollerblades, and 4-Wheel-Drive trucks, my sons have blossomed from newborn babies (nestled in my arms), to young adults who never cease to amaze me in the wondrous and magnificent human beings they each have become.

Each of their individual, magnificent essence is not in what they do, but in who they are, from within the depths of their hearts and souls.

They are each extraordinary human beings whom God has blessed me with!

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Loves Me Like A Rock – Paul Simon
Sons of Love, BBYCGN


  1. Eloquent, Tamara. Your words come as close as is possible to conveying the emotional depth and richness that reaches to your heart and well beyond.

    Even your considerable powers can’t express their full profundity. You’d have to be mother to understand, and even then…

    Liked by 2 people

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