Bursting Dam of Reactive Abuse

Up his sleeve he holds the deuce,

his lips a virgin to the word, truce.

He spares not her neck 

from his frayed noose;

but it is, she, who is the monster

when the dam collapses

giving way to Reactive Abuse.

Bursting Dam of Reactive Abuse

He does not allow the voicing of her raging flow of hurt feelings resulting from his tyrannies against her; so she represses it.

The passing of years does not erase nor eradicate the necessity to air her offender’s crimes.

One extra insult heaped upon the massive load of other verbal abuses is the final injury bursting open the dam of brewing emotions- the pressure was too much to contain.

The conflicts arising within from all the twisted mind-games, which the villain never permitted her to express, gushes out with turbulent force.

Anyone in the way stands back gazing at the crazy person in front of them pouring out all grievances and afflictions ever suffered at his hands. The others do not realize her longterm oppressive relationship with this Beast of Burden.

The wrongdoer, appearing calm, takes this perfect and glorious opportunity to build up the current speculations of the victim’s pathetic lunacy.

She tries to divulge the depths of each past brutish happening to anyone who might understand or validate her pronouncements. But instead of levelheaded declarations, her thoughts flood through her mind faster than she can speak.

In reaction to his ongoing abuse, she heaves out all offenses in projectile waves of incoherent ramblings.

The bursting dam was bound to give way.


*Note: Men are victims of abuse, too.

Copyright ©Tamara Yancosky – All Rights Reserve

Spider-Man’s Brother

Toxic Boyfriend

Alcohol Intervention, Creative Writing


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