Sleeping Curse

Sleeping Curse

Sleeping Curse –

Taken hostage by the sleeping curse,

I could not release its savage hold;

its coercion poisoned me to believe

the laundry, by itself, would fold.


Mesmerized, I realized not

this sadistic brute stealing away my time;

had my addiction not set in,

I would have noticed this as the first warning sign.

Sleeping Curse


Imprisoned beneath its violence,

freedom was not recognizable anymore;

its dreaded demands petrified me

into one long suffering snore.


Isolating me from engagements,

the sleeping curse made me miss a meeting.

The entire fault belonged to this beast

whose barbaric savagery kept me sleeping!

Sleeping Curse


My psychologist said he’d protect me from this beast

and its vice of deadening my senses to his incoming number.

So, he discontinued my Klonapin since he said,

“this always stops these curses of slumber.”


“There’s got to be another way. This is much too easy”,

I pleaded to the M.D. gent.

But he already had made up his freakin’ helpful mind,

and from this cure he would not relent. 🙄


As I recovered from Klonapin Withdrawals my wounds,

I learned to discern healthy sleep from that of the sleeping curse;

one allows me to not miss doctors’ visits

while the latter knocks me out to tarry in its hearse.

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Flash Fiction Poetry

Sleeping Curse


  1. Stylish, Tamara, and invested fully with your typical cleverness. You took us along on a journey, perhaps, we may not have expected. Well, at least I didn’t.

    It pains me to contemplate that only such dark trials could inspire later triumphs. However, overcome them you did, and in a generosity so typical of you, you share the delight with us.

    Liked by 1 person

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