Raging Storm, Killing Mommy Memoir

Raging Storm, Killing Mommy Memoir

The demon smirked

as she mistook the girl’s meekness

for weakness,

ignoring the verging storm gathering force

in its raging throng.

In her whirling thought-of-thoughts,

the girl hummed the foreboding lyrics

of a too seldom sung, singalong song …



to your own peril, dearest Mommy-

yes, my black-hearted Mommy- 

you are, ohhh, so misguidedly wrong-

so wrong.”



I am in the process of publishing the sensitive details of my memoir.

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Raging Storm, Killing Mommy Memoir, Monikajeneva


  1. Masterful, Tamara, your use of poignant atmospherics, tense with warning of what’s coming, yet also ripe with promise of your ultimate triumph.

    So many “What’s Next?” moments, building the suspense with each new drama. You’ve brought us this far with style, and I can’t wait to read where we’ll go next.

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  2. Clever, Tamara! In turn, your mentioning “Jaws” brought to mind the Henchman-Later-Turned-Hero from a couple Roger Moore Bond flicks from the 70s. Hey, I’m a guy, which means I’ll use any excuse I can to start humming the theme from “The Spy Who Loved Me!”

    Liked by 1 person

          1. I pray your conclusion isn’t too caustic!

            For the record, the theme from “Spy” hardly is the Bond cannon’s best, in my opinion. That “honor” goes to “You Only Live Twice.” “The Living Daylights” isn’t bad, either, but that’s because the artists, a-ha, also created my all-time favorite song.

            Hey, what can I say? I’m such an 80s child!

            Liked by 1 person

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