Frauds of Facebook

Frauds of Facebook, Narcissists

Frauds on Facebook, offering support to Narcissists’ Victims, make way for online abusive relationships with nasty masked predators, and are far more common than thought.

I found myself in one such deceptive web which included Narcissistic Administrators, and their Enablers, Flying Monkeys.

Further down- upon his permission- is a commentary I added to this post which entails the real-life experiences of a Malignant Narcissist, H.G. Tudor in his regular predatory position on social media platforms. He speaks about Facebook, in particular, which coincides with my present article. (I will save the beast until last).

*This post is not about H.G. Tudor. He is simply validating my experiences with a predatory Facebook site.

Frauds of Facebook, BBYCGN

Frauds of Facebook


Ultimate betrayal comprises a vulnerable victim from a previous Narcissistic or Sociopathic relationship becoming the target and victimized all over again, from these same kind of dark personalities, but no less, on a Facebook Support Forum meant for victims of Narcissists! WTF???

Facebook Groups for Narcissist Victims can be an abuser’s paradise, even without the Piña Coladas. Dark Personalities can find valuable supply and fuel via vulnerable and traumatized victims.

From my experiences with this entire circus performance of masked deceivers, I could compose a lengthy and concise account, in book form, on the dark details that occurred in this Facebook Group administered by real predators, their tag-along minions, and clusters of shoddy reptilian bullies.

I have no intent on exposing anyone, as this is not my purpose (and frankly, I don’t wanna!). Plus, it would only give these Narcissists the attention they desire. I only wish to write for the sake of helping others to become more aware of the dangers of these frauds on Facebook sites.

Recipients of Narcissist Abuse are susceptible to predators before they have healed, and even in the early stages of recovery (while searching for answers), and beyond.

Snot-faced Predators have high-functioning scent’atizers, and can detect vulnerability from thirty-three million miles away.

Frauds of Facebook, BBYCGN

Frauds of Facebook

Idealization Phase

The Good?

A discarded Narcissist victim suffers a penetrating void from the dependency (or addiction) that a relationship with a dumb*ss Narcissist can bring about.

Such sufferers, when tempted by the delicious substance needed to fulfill this ravenous addiction, via online support groups administered by Narcissists, find much sought-after relief. It can feel amazing! Despite their callous, unfeeling nature, Narcissists know this truth.

The lure for a pre-groomed victim of Narcissistic Abuse, gifted with the opportunity of replenishing this stark emptiness, and satiating the withdrawals while separated from the Narcissist, is akin to receiving that next fix. This is the intensity of a victim’s dependence to their Abuser.

Henceforth, when a recent victim comes upon one of these pseudo online support groups, administered by Narcissists, or even Sociopaths, he/she might believe that they have met their perfect family, via the interactive administrators.

And the mock support group reiterates these feelings by idealizing the victim in the Honeymoon Phase with statements to make the newbie feel important, loved, and accepted.

Such over-the-top statements might include, “We missed your absence so much for those entire two days; in fact, one of the other (greasy) administrators was thinking about leaving the group if you hadn’t come back to rejoin us!”, or “Everyone here just loves your wonderful company, and your knowledgeable comments!” Here’s the one of many, which I was told, “We would love for you to join us, and be an administrator, too!” (oooh!)

Frauds of Facebook, BBYCGN

Frauds of Facebook

Devaluation Phase

The Bad

When the Devaluation Phase of the support group’s behavior comes riding in on its thick-snouted, grunting warthog, this is the precise time when those same vulnerabilities and voids, once tended to in such an exquisite manner, get attacked with insidious, but painful blows of damaging maltreatment.

These abusive techniques include, Triangulation, Intentional Neglect, (the Silent Treatment is a stark contrast from the previous outpouring of attention that the victim was receiving while being groomed in the beginning Love Bombing Phase), Bullying, Twisting of Words, Blaming, Shaming, “Under the Radar” Manipulation, and many other tactics seen by singular, textbook Narcissists.

In the same way as carried out by a singular Narcissist, or Sociopath, the hope of these corrupt Helping Sites is to cause attachment and addiction to their cult, then break down the target’s spirit, causing the same intensity of pain and devastation, as inflicted by the target’s former Abuser. (They can’t think of anything more original).

Frauds of Facebook, BBYCGN

Frauds of Facebook

Abuse Tactics

Instantaneous blocking (without being given a reason), and/or enduring the intimidating experience of having the other administrators gang up on the targeted person (cyber bullying), and even going as far as attempting to smear the victim’s reputation (Smear Campaign), are some many abusive tactics which might begin in the Devaluation Phase, after the initial Idealization Phase has waned, (when the target was being groomed), true to the “three-step” abuse pattern seen with a singular Narcissist:

1). Idealization Phase (Love Bombing)

2). Devaluation Phase 

3). The Discard.

There are sincere online support groups out there which offer invaluable enlightenment and insight into the confusing deceptions, and mind games, that Narcissists and Sociopaths undertake, and offering comfort, and validating fellowship with others who have also been in these types of horrific relationships.

Frauds of Facebook, BBYCGN

Frauds of Facebook

Discard Phase

The Super (Duper) Ugly

In the Discard Phase, the reptilian administrators might gang up on the targeted individual, and single this person out, causing the victim deep confusion and shame. (This brings about the common “WTF?” Phenomenon, known as Cognitive Dissonance, along with constant self-questioning and self-doubting). Thus, the member becomes ostracized from the group for the most intangible or minute reasons.

If the victim has not yet gotten hurled out of the online predatory group, he/she might perceive the group’s manipulative, immoral behavior and leave the Facebook support group on his/her own. This also works in the Narcissistic group’s favor via protecting themselves (if questioned later), by stating, “Well, ‘so, and so’ didn’t get kicked out, but left by their own choice, and was an overly emotional person to begin with.”

Emotional lability is a common trait after dealing with the horrors caused by a former Narcissist.

Executed by these online dark crusaders, baiting and provoking targets for particular reactions is in the works all along, which the perpetrators further exploit through the Narcissistic textbook technique, called: Gaslighting.

Frauds of Facebook, BBYCGN

Frauds of Facebook

Thrill of The Chase

Once “these kind” get what they want, it dampens the thrill of the chase; thus, these predators create drama so they can watch their prey scamper off, only to get hooked within the savage grip of their torturous claws, again. It is all part of their diabolical game.

The vicious entities in these predatory online groups might even boast of their careers, outside of Facebook, as Domestic Violence Advocates, Volunteers for Abuse Victims, Relationship Advisers, and many other endless helping occupations of interest. This makes their abuse that much more confusing, and disorienting, to the targeted person. (It’s sort of like a McDonald’s Happy Meal claiming to be a Vintage Cote de Boeuf… it makes one want to smack their head, silly, and give out a triple dogger “WTF???”).

The above scenario was a terrifying wake-up call, for me, into what such predatory online support groups are not only capable of carrying out upon vulnerable targets, but relish, with ruthless exhilaration and excitement, as they continue, undetected, by the majority.

*Note: The women Narcissists in this group were particularly nefarious and vile. 

Frauds of Facebook, BBYCGN

Frauds of Facebook

Cyber Bullies

Speaking of cyber bullies, these abusers are cowards in that they work in pairs, or alongside of other bullies, to gang-up on their target. It is rare to see a loner-bully.

And just like Narcissists, bullies might very well Gaslight, lie, (or add bits of truths to their lies in cunning word-play maneuvers), use deceptive, charismatic speech to prove to non-targets that they are innocent (despite what the victim says), wear masks (that cover up the snot running down their noses, into their eager, awaiting mouths), and even gather followers of funky-scented, Flying Monkeys.

Cyber bullies can carry out all the same dark-art techniques as Narcissists, and not just on Facebook Forums, but anywhere that one can journey to online: Poetry Groups, Hobby Forums, Pet Sites, Dating Sites, Pokemon Meets, ETC.,.

Yet, whereas Narcissists are personality disordered, this is not the case with bullies per say.. Bullies (if not Narcissistic Personality Disordered Individuals), can feel empathy, compassion, a conscience, and able to self-reflect (however, using these traits is another issue; but, the capacity to do so exists).

Bullies can change, but Narcissists, and Sociopathic people, being incapable of empathy, compassion, and void of a conscience, and/or remorse, do not change.

Narcissists and Sociopaths see no reason to change. They cannot self-reflect into their own disordered nature, which would be the core stepping-stone needed in helping these kind even consider getting treatment.

In the glazed-over eyes of a Narcissist, he/she is nothing less than a perfect “god/goddess”, well beyond any wavering conviction, or concrete evidence (there is plenty) to the contrary. D*mb*sses.

Frauds Facebook

H.G. Tudor’s Commentary

“The various FB support groups are curious places indeed. I have sat in the shadows of several observing the behaviours of those who post there in order that I might learn more about the behaviours of my kind, and that of the victims. I have the following observations:

“These groups are hunting grounds for our kind (Narcissists and Sociopaths). They are chock-full of emotional, desperate people and it is like shooting fish in a barrel.

“Indeed, your own experience, Tamara, is testimony to this.

“There are a lot of bullies in these places. Some are Narcissists, and others are “holier than thou” victims who believe if someone tries to understand the Narcissist’s perspective, then they must be a Narcissist, as well, and they jump on that person.

I find that pathetic.”

H.G. Tudor

Isaiah 41:10

Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

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    1. Thank you, Bill.

      Yeah, this Australian guy got mad at me because I would not allow him to bestow such an honor upon me as to be interviewed on his prized YouTube Channel. 🙄

      Toxicity cannot accept rejection. Thus, he set up a lame Smear Campaign against me on YouTube micro-mincing and twisting my words to make them fit his misinformation and untruths.

      The irony is that despite his smears against others, he proudly displays his laptop on his videos with a giant sticker claiming his status as a “Super Saviour Empath”. 😳

      At any rate, I forgive him since The Lord says to love our enemies.

      ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

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        1. I love him through Jesus Christ. I cannot do such things- love and forgive those who hate and purposely harm me- unless it is from God’s own love (working through me). I open myself up to The Holy Spirit to work through me with these emotions.

          Liked by 1 person

  1. It’s okay Monika. Just let it go. This ‘Super Empath (AKA: Narcissist)’ just wants to argue and harass you. Go No Contact and ignore him. You are well past this and need prove nothing to no one. You know the facts, as does God.

    Some people will never get it, Monika. Save yourself the energy and time. Followers will always be followers of Narcs and their Smear Campaigns no matter what proof you have because of exactly what you have said. Sociopaths followers remain loyal even while they are drowning in their devotion. It’s the nature of the beast. Enjoy your freedom from them and don’t respond to this commenter. Go no contact.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You can’t beat a Super Empath,I’ve had a borderline secondary psychopath try and destory my life but, failed. (Not upper range narcissist)
    I get my info from DR Sam Vakini, I bet Sam could bet Alan ohh I mean Hg with both hand tied behind hes

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think Monika has moved on past this and is best for her be free. She wrote this post a long time ago. She write about Narcississts to help other people but she moved beyond. Is fine if you are still talking about your own trauma but why disturb her with it? It seems you are not here to chat but to argue. Maybe you are a Narc. Yes probably.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you, LOD. 🦋 Your thoughtfulness is so appreciated. Perhaps “Narc Files” and “Super Empath” can chat with someone else who is actually interested in HG. I, for one, am not that person. Lol. I had to edit out all his defamatory remarks.

        Liked by 2 people

    2. Rob, I saw your obnoxious Smear Campaign full of absurd remarks about me on YouTube, and I have one question: Are you just pretending to be a “loon”, or is this your normal wear? (Asking for myself).

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  3. Hi, I am offering you the chance to come on to my youtube channel for a 1 on 1 interview, as to why you dislike hg tudor. I saw your youtube channel and wonder why you deleted it or did it get banned???

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    1. Also, this above post I wrote in 2016 and is NOT about HG. It’s about a group on Facebook. HG was simply validating my experience that I had with this particular group.

      “YAY” on getting the upper hand on a Borderline Secondary Psychopath (but “not upper-range Narcissist”). 🙄

      Are you like … famous, or something, for this death defying feat?

      From my experience, those who go around claiming to the world that they are “Super Empaths” (or any kind of Empath for that matter), are usually Narcissists in Empaths’ clothing. But with you it’s probably different; you probably break the mold and are a “Super Duper ‘Mary Poppins’ Empath”.


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  4. It is too bad that he manipulated you into taking down the information you have on him because now he will just continue to do the same thing to other unsuspecting women.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s too bad everyone cheers me on, but won’t speak out, themselves, in order to “help other women”.

      He did not make me take them down; I chose to do so. I have closure, now, and need not waste anymore time on him.

      BTW, I know who you really are…

      Nevertheless, thank you for your kind words. ❤️

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      1. There was a time I might have spoken out about the 15 years but it seems silly knowing I’m just one out of countless other women he has been intimate with, online or in-person. If the forum was right I might speak out, but it sounds like you have moved on so I will leave you alone.
        BTW, who am I? Nevermind, you do not need to answer that.
        Nothing but good times ahead! Take care.

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      2. Georgettia here. I changed my email and alias, and wanted you to know that, as not to deceive from here forward.
        Not everyone has the ability or knowhow to speak out to help other women, but can cheer people on that can.
        BTW, you wrote “I know who you really are . . .” Okay, who am I? and is it relevant to the conversation?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thanks; it’s always a plus not to be deceived. 🙄

          I have the ability to speak out and back it up with concrete evidence, but each time I do so, I become unsettled and anxious because I believe it is not the right thing to do as a Christian. I am a sinner, but still a Christian.

          So, it is of no use for me to speak out against specific people when I cannot also expose the proof because of the knowledge that I should do my best to keep the peace.

          Those who follow the person in whom I am speaking could be shown proof all day long and it would not deter their devotion, anyway.

          I have spoken to my counselor and social worker and they agree that it only serves to trigger me when I discuss this person and I need to just let it go.

          They are right.

          I started speaking out in 2016-2017 and showed much of my evidence. As time went on, I was given detailed accounts of the happenings between the person and more victims which I still have not shared, though I am often tempted to do so. But, I don’t want to go against God.

          Besides, all of this exposure just make this person more popular.

          It also stirred up his “Lieutenants” (Flying Monkeys) and devotees against me. The stress distracted me from real life outside of this digital world. Some put Smear Campaigns against me. It was an inconvenience for me.

          Depending on certain factors- such as my stress level- I might delete this comment. I just don’t want to go backwards.

          I just don’t want to waste time on specific Narcissists, anymore. It’s too triggering. I only write in generalities in my posts about ‘these kind’. Apart from such triggering memories, I live a fulfilling and happy life.

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          1. I do not doubt you have a wonderful life outside this blog, as do I. I am not huge on stating I doing well online, mostly because some people take that as a dare as if we are competing with one another. Everything is a competition.
            I found your blog by accident, and since I posted on here, I have thought about you off and on and thought I left without saying what I wanted to convey to you.
            First, I do not want to ‘trigger’ you into any negative emotion, thoughts, or actions. And if I have, I profoundly apologize.
            As a Christian myself, I am not sure how writing about your feelings on a blog goes against God? I find that confusing.
            Sorry everyone backed away and did not stick to their word, it is tough when trying to get to know someone strictly online, because they truly can say whatever they think you want to hear or just make up stuff as they go along.
            Second, when first reading the little I have of your blog, my thoughts went to this is HG and not someone named Monika or Tamara or Whatever your name is? And I am still not 100% sure.
            Have a wonderful rest of your day.

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            1. I stated about my life being ‘fulfilling outside of the blog’ because of the several who mislead themselves into wild tangents by basing the whole of my existence on that which they gather solely from my posts and comments.

              This is the delusional thinking that forms their far-fetched Smear Campaigns as they take off on their judgments against me which have no substantial basis in the real world.

              I have thought of you several times, as well. I attempted to email you, but received no response.

              Writing about feelings does not go against my Christianity, but showing the vast evidence I hold, as well as the proof through what others have written to me- in confidence- is the issue that is unsettling to my conscience.

              And if I write about my feelings without exposing the evidence, it will appear as if I am making things up, which many know firsthand is not the case. But Smear Campaigns fabricated by his “Lieutenants” would suggest otherwise.

              Yes, if you are familiar with his blog and the “regulars” that use to live on his site, and some still do (I imagine), then you would recognize the names of those in whom I found common ground from his abuse, and also those who are his devotees pretending to be my allies.

              Indeed, I have had many suggest, as you have, the same thoughts as to whether I am really HG, or one of the other two (or more) said names.

              What about my blog, posts or comments create the air of HG which is shared suspicion not just by you, but many others, as well?

              If this was HG, what would be my end game? Publicity? Procuring devotees? Creating drama by way of division amongst devotees and rebels? Taking on the ‘victim’ role against those who are opposed to me?

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            2. The only reason I might ever consider putting forth my evidence is to aid in my defense against possible future Smear Campaigns- unless they are filled with such blatant lunacy that they are laughable as was the case with the Narcissist’s “Super Empath’s” smear.

              Ha ha. That entertained me.

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        2. And I said that about “everyone cheering me on, but no one speaking out” because (at the time I said this) several other people who had also been subjected to his abuse, were constantly applauding my “bravery”.

          Several said they would even speak out too if I would continue. I did continue, and they backed out from doing so because of “fear”. One person even said I should write a book about the entire ordeal (while she, herself, stayed silent and hidden).

          And the ones who actually did speak out ended up deleting all their stuff because, just like me, we don’t want to waste anymore time on this person. And as I mentioned, I didn’t feel it was benefiting my Christianity, anyway.

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  5. With that said, I was his significant other for the last 15 years and I know first hand what he is capable of. He has hacked into my computer on several occasions and I still am not sure that you are not H.G posing as someone else.

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