Freedom of Spirit And Mind

Freedom of Spirit And Mind, BBYCGN

Freedom of Spirit and Mind –

Adore not the spoils

in which we pine,

nor find safety

in our pocketbook’s

budding green vine.


Let us defuse our lust

for the dew of worldly rind

and stave off the traps

to which our names

we once signed.


Disengage, we must,

from the depths

of buttery wine,

and forgo the Jamón Ibérico

in which we languish and dine.


Unfasten the heart’s fetters

that called your worth mine;

as we thin our lips,

lest we encourage

the grapevine.



the quickness

of God’s time,

let us value and honor

the wholesome Divine.


Apart from these matters,

(while still embracing the fruitful wide),

only through Jesus Christ will we find

the courage to embrace freedom

of spirit and mind.


Excellent deeds of our own do not equate to sanctity, but by that of our active trust in Jesus Christ. Our living faith in Him will spring forth quality feats of divinity.


Copyright BBYCGN

Freedom of Spirit And Mind, BBYCGN



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