Mental Strangulation

Mental Strangulation, Creative Writing

Mental strangulation has often slowed down the process of my writing. But I have learned to write from my heart, and not my head.

Thus I no longer procrastinate….

I will no longer procrastinate….

I will stop procrastinating.

You’ll see…

Hugs, Tamara

Mental Strangulation, Creative Writing


  1. Clever, Tamara. You write of strangulation, but today you reference throttling that never was. Writer’s block at times, of course – Why not? It confronts all of us – yet today it wasn’t a problem.

    That always is the way, isn’t it? The more you concentrate and try to force yourself to Write!, the more elusive that gift. Best thing to do is to walk away and to start doing something else. Inevitably, the Muse will return and flood your thoughts with ideas. You won’t be able to get back to the desk/computer quickly enough.

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