Mask of Innocence – The Sociopathic Kitten

Mask of Innocence- Sociopathic Kitten, Monikajeneva

Mask of Innocence – The Sociopathic Kitten –

Everyone adored the kitten because it was so endearing.

Unbeknownst to new admirers, behind its mask of innocence lurked blood-stained, razor-sharp teeth.

The kitty’s piranha mouth had bitten off many arms, legs, and heads of past victims.

It was a Sociopathic Killing Slime-Machine dressed in a gray and white fluffy ball of kitty sweetness.

Evident by the trails of bloody sinew left behind, we can ascertain that this monster played its part well.


Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. 1 John 4:1


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Mask of Innocence - The Sociopathic Kitten, BBYCGN, Tamara Yancosky

Mask of Innocence, Monikajeneva Mask of Innocence, Monikajeneva Mask of Innocence, Monikajeneva Mask of Innocence, Monikajeneva Mask of Innocence, Monikajeneva

Mask of Innocence, Monikajeneva Mask of Innocence, Monikajeneva Mask of Innocence, Monikajeneva

Mask of Innocence, Monikajeneva Mask of Innocence, Monikajeneva Mask of Innocence, Monikajeneva



  1. Clever, Tamara! Of course, this duality is true of all of us, to a limited degree. Thank heavens it usually is quite limited. Still, within all of us lurks at least a little craftiness. Indeed, it’s among Life’s necessary skills.

    Still, Narcissists, et al. stretch beyond reason what is, for most of us, a minor quirk. They make a habit of hiding their true nature and intentions until it’s too late for their victims to escape. For them, the infamy is a governing ideology, far beyond a mere “quirk.”

    Oh, I have a question – have you ever witnessed two Narcissists reacting to each other? Do they recognize the other and avoid the encounter, or is their empathy deadened enough for them to try “gaming” each other? Perhaps, one hopes, the exchange is similar to two hurricanes meeting mid-ocean. Get the angle just right, and they swirl around each other and eventually dissipate. Both storms scatter, allowing the sun to return.

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    1. Hi TA, you really comprehend this stuff so well. You could teach it!

      As far as your question: This is just an opinion and things differ between romantic relationships and friendships, but as far as the latter is concerned, I think that Narcissists accept narcissism in their “friends”, and even feed off of each other.

      They probably wouldn’t intimidate the other one’s ego, but support each other’s grandiosity. They might not actually “care” for one another or get emotionally attached but they can still fuel each other if it’s to their own benefit. Since they know how much they, themselves, love fuel they would each know how to give it even if it’s fake courtesies. But, since both of them are frauds anyway, it works out as long as they each get their fuel.

      Of course, if they begin to criticize each other, all bets are off and they’d probably both just end up gaslighting each other, playing the victim, and going their own separate ways. LOL.

      The real hurt is awarded to non-Narcissists who get entangled with these kind.

      Yes, everyone has some Narcissism in them, but full blown Narcissistic Personality Disorder is that same Narcissism to the extreme. And anything to the extreme will most often be destructive.

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  2. My cat, Virgil, is honoured you wrote this poem about him! 😆

    I love the cat photos with the blood & the knife. Brilliant!
    A wise moral to the story though. Evil people can be very deceiving, being anything but what they appear from the outside. x

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  3. Tamara, I love this! I especially love how you used the Scripture 1 John 4:1. It’s true – even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. We must be discerning, now more than ever. So many people can pretend to be for us, when in reality, they seek to ‘own’ us with their own ideas of how our lives should be. Their criticism and gaslighting can make us doubt our own sanity. We wonder if we really do deserve such awful treatment. “Maybe there is something wrong with me?,” we ask. It’s a horrible spot to be in and it is pure evil.

    As a cat mama, the analogy of the seemingly innocent, adorable kitten with some razor-sharp teeth was brilliant. It’s a very valid way to describe your point! 😀 Our Dizzy definitely uses those teeth to get her point across entirely too often, ha ha! We still love her.

    Thank you for the reminder to guard our hearts well. There are so many wonderful people out there who are truly for us, and seek to help us advance in the Kingdom of God. I love your writing. Thank you for sharing your heart and your truth! ♥

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    1. Holly, your comment is a joy for me to have on this post. I value it greatly. I enjoyed reading your every word of wisdom and encouragement. It is a blessing to me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ♥️ Love, Tamara

      P.S. – Gaslighting sucks and so does self-questioning. It is a painful condition. Evil is a wretched miser.

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