God’s Narcissists And His Grace

God’s Narcissists and His Grace

God’s Narcissists include his own children. Many of the same maneuvers in which we know Narcissistic people to carry out, we perform on our Heavenly Father.

We gaslight, blame, and attempt to manipulate him, not to mention refusing accountability.

We project our own weaknesses and faults onto him, as well.

And, of course, we triangulate him with other gods, such as money, sex, and power.

Empathy is not high on our list for the pain we cause his Holy Spirit.


God’s Narcissists

Honeymoon, Devaluation, Discard, Smearing And Hoovering Phases

When we first become Christians, we adore The Lord with incredible passion, but as time wanes and we face misery, we often devalue and blame him.

Then, without a solid foundation in him, we discard and smear him by stating things that are untrue.

Apologies to God are not always heartfelt, or followed by changing the actions for those sins in which we ask forgiveness.

We might, then, hoover our Lord when we want something, or are experiencing suffering- only to discard him, again.

God’s Narcissists

Gaslighting God

” You couldn’t care less about me!”

” You don’t exist!”

” How could you let this happen?”

“ Why do you hate me, Lord?”

” It is egocentric of you, God, to want praise; you are a Narcissist!”

In answer to some of our gaslighting strategies:

1). God’s Holy Presence breathes within our souls, at all times. It is we who distant ourselves from him.

We acknowledge him (in blame) during disastrous situations, but forget about him when things are going well, or when we are with our other gods.

2). As far as praise goes, God does not need our reverence; our worship to him is an incredible benefit to us.

Honoring our Holy Father helps to increase our gratitude, thereby  ripening our faith. The result is inner-peace and security like none other found here on earth.

Everything our Father desires is for our advantage and leads to our eternal Salvation.

3). The Lord, who suffered his innocent Son on the cross for our sins is not a Narcissist. We are not his marionettes on strings, but his children with a will of our own.

Our sins create the struggles we bear, and cause others to suffer, as well.

Yet, as a devoted Father, he forgives us as long as we take accountability, and repent.


 God’s Narcissists

No appreciation 

We are in a constant state of casting aside the horror and brutality in which God’s Son bore indescribable agony for our past, present, and future trespasses. But we lament over our own trials, many of which are our own creations.


God’s Narcissists

Need for Control And Power

We will do almost anything for the pseudo-security of ultimate earthly control and power instead of surrendering to him, who is deserving of our complete trust. 


God’s Narcissists

The Beast Within

Facing our own beast within- whose treatment toward Jesus is so horrendous- is terrifying. Without his mercy, it is impossible to live with ourselves once we see the monster face-to-face.

We have a tendency to deny that we even harbor such mass cruelty.


God’s Narcissists

For God, or Against Him

I am not saying that we are all a bunch of Sociopathic Narcissists, who have no desire to change; this is a point made in metaphor to describe the truth: if we are not for Godthen we are against himIf we are against our Lordthen we are subject to behavior that is self-centered, and more Narcissistic than not.

But thanks to Jesus, there is God’s Grace!

Copyright ©BBYCGN

God’s Narcissists and His Grace

God’s Narcissists - God’s Grace


  1. The only thing I’d change about this is your line about being “likely” against Him. Matthew 12:30 says “He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad.”
    Other than that, I’ll forgo the feistiness and I won’t jump on anyone. Nice work!

    Liked by 1 person

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