Competition Between Fantasy And Reality

Competition Between Fantasy And Reality

Eve twirls through her mind,

claiming a world of her own;

she’s left this place far behind,

looming in the distant unknown.


Eager to leave;

she was walking the tightrope in full-view.

No one saw her bright-bloody sleeves;

they looked past each raw clue.


Her unicorn flies high;

her unicorn flies high;

she’s riding on through!

Even though Eve’s gone,

no one knows she’s not there;

they can’t perceive that she’s far away,

despite her vacant, hollow-eyed stare.


Nothing more was ever said;

she jumped on sideways,

and down she sat,

then her unicorn flew straight ahead.


Her unicorn flies high;

her unicorn flies high;

hey, Eve’s riding on through!

Competition Between Fantasy And Reality

Competition Between Fantasy And Reality

Fantasy versus reality is a dangerous competition when these two worlds come so intertwined that we cannot distinguish them apart.

Though dreamworld is an intriguing realm to ponder, it can become a complex tapestry of confusion.

To this truth, my pet unicorn will attest!

It might seem easier to live in a land of imagination, than braving the harsh realities. But the problem with a fantasy world is that it offers no true substance for character growth, nor does it offer the rewards of overcoming and being strengthened from our trials.

Situations change for everyone. Sometimes these changes are glorious, and we are overflowing with happiness; and other times, life’s altering events are not so gratifying, but painful, leaving us depressed, anxious, or hopeless.

The Constant in life, however, is God’s Presence. He is always with us, even when we have distanced ourselves from Him. By trusting in Him, we align ourselves to the knowledge of perfect security in His Loving Protection, and we will grasp His power, within.

No matter the changing circumstances in our lives, we can lean into our Father, and He will bear the weight. He, in fact, wants to carry our distress, and despair; all of it. He loves each of his children as if there was only one.

Let us avoid living in a world of illusion and fantasy, and take on the genuine joy of reality, with God leading the way!


You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you. Isaiah 26:3


Copyright ©BBYCGN

Competition Between Fantasy And Reality, BBYCGN

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