Abused Men, The Invisible Victims

Abused Men, The Invisible Victims

Abused men and husbands do not get the same validation and support for the injustices they suffer from female violators, as do female victims of abuse, and are often invisible victims.

Male victims are not as vocal about the misery they endure from domestic abuse, as abused females; therefore, less support groups exist for men and husband victims.

Since less support tailored for men exist, these male recipients of domestic terror do not find places of fellowship where they can divulge their horror stories.

This can leave sufferers isolated and alone, often causing unhealthy regression of the hellish experiences in which they have lived through.

Abused Men, The Invisible Victims

Abused Men, The Invisible Victims

Abuse Tactics

Such maltreatment, at the hands of manipulative, dagger-bearing women, might include:

Smearing Victim to Their Friends to Make them Look Like the Abuser;

Covert Manipulation;

False Rape Allegations;

Involving Helpless Children;

Withholding Sex from Husbands;

Isolating Victim from Friends and Family;

Ms. Jekyll/Ms. Hyde Drastic Mood Changes and never knowing what to expect;

Belittling; Gaslighting;

Breaking Victim Financially;

Sabotaging Victim’s Career;

Provoking Romantic Jealously;


Child Alienation;

General Provoking and Baiting; (resulting in natural human responses (see: Reactive Abuse), which enable the female abuser to call the authorities on her male target to claim that it is, she, who is the victim); and many other countless, vicious tactics that can be far worse than physical abuse.

Abused Men, The Invisible Victims


Abused Men, The Invisible Victims

Dear Men and husbands

Do not feel ashamed. It is not your fault if you are dealing with a cruel woman. Perhaps she changed after the marriage vows were exchanged. You might be dealing with a female Narcissist, an untreated Borderline, or just a user. You are not alone!

Abused Men, The Invisible Victims

Do and Do Not:

Women get away with abusing men simply by merit of being female but here are some suggestions…

Do Not allow yourself to be provoked into getting arrested. Leave, first. (At least until things calm down).

Do Document everything and keep these entries hidden. (Remember to date everything).

Do Work with an advocate from a domestic violence program to get a restraining order. This will help protect you from the abusive woman, provide further documentation, and also allow you to ask for temporary custody of your children.

Do Get counseling so you can start healing, and get legal advice.

Do Talk with your family and friends who can help support you. They will understand!

Do Not lose sight of your identity!


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Abused Men, The Invisible Victims

Abused Men, The Invisible Victims Abused Men, The Invisible Victims Abused Men, The Invisible Victims Abused Men, The Invisible Victims Abused Men, The Invisible Victims Abused Men, The Invisible Victims


  1. Good post! Thank for sharing! We must not forget that men are also abused in their homes. Gender-based violence needs to be considered because we are humans first. It is our duty to raise a dialogue against violence, which is haunting the male community too. #Himtoo

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    1. Yes, himtoo, this is so true. Women Abusers seem to have the “upper-hand” because women are stereotypically seen as the victims, and men, the Abusers.

      So, when a man is being abused he has to not only deal with the isolation of being “abused by a woman”, but also has to deal with the Authorities who might naturally go to the woman’s side.

      I just think, for starters, there needs to be more open-mindedness when authorities are investigating these matters, and to not automatically think that the woman is the victim.

      Being the “physically stronger” partner is no indication that that person is the one who is the Abuser.

      There are far worse ways to abuse someone than to do so physically.

      Reactive Abuse needs to also be considered in these circumstances.


  2. i get your blog .very very very well done for talking about men and abuse .i was abused as a child .my
    story is in a Authors book.people never see the every day effects .great deal damage is done body and
    mind . i am disabled have m.e .long list health issues .i do a blog

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    1. Thank you, Mark.

      I am deeply sorry about your abuse as a child.

      I will check out your blog, soon ♥️.

      My dad was abused by my mom, so I know about the abuse of men.

      Also, when I was in a “relationship” with a Narcissist, his female enabler was nearly just as abusive to me as was the actual Narcissist, as well as all of his scowling, female Flying Monkeys (What they call the followers of the Narcissist).



  3. i feel every shame and disgust at sexual abuse ,i have M.E. BECAUSE i was abused
    being a man makes it greater WORSOR .i was abused by two ladies and two men took turns on me
    i cope .deal with it most days by having a good cry and a snotty nose .people never see the every day efffects

    mark, being disabled .no.friends.no understanding.no.help

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    1. I am so sorry, Mark, for the terrible pain you have endured, and for your suffering. I am sorry for the delay of my response. Please forgive me. If you need to talk, next time I will try to be much quicker to answer you! ♥️


      1. no need too say sorry ,Nika .i have m.e .takes me lot time just too do one thing .i do not think that people even
        understand /aware Painful sexual abuse is.Breaking and Entering a CHILDS BODY .with out PERMISSION
        i am on twitter,supersnooper .i am on Linkedin.AutismDad
        thank you for saying YOUR family has abuse in it.HELPS SO MUCH feel alone only happens to me
        a great deal damage is done too BODY AND MIND .like i have Bladder/Bowel problems


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  4. was your reply.i cried tears and snot .YOU, have NOT..NOT upset me ,i am disabled NOBODY AND I MEAN

    i am on Linkedin,AutismDad .i am on twitter.supersnooper .you have my e.mail ,chat


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  5. Both my daughter and I were abused by my wife, her mother. My daughter was physically and emotionally abused. The abuse I recieved was very controlling I was ill when we met and she quickly isolated me from all my family and friends, eventually she kept me sedated most of the time using fentanyl, diazepam and tramadol. The abuse came out eventually and I asked for help.
    I was one of the lucky ones, I had a support group locally and I was allocated a worker. If I hadn’t I don’t know how I survived. Every person involved in the case was female and most wouldn’t accept that I was abused and would try and put blame on to be. Eventually I managed to show themI was the victim and that the courts wouldn’t have placed all the orders against the mother and granted me custody of my daughter.
    I wish I could say it got better. I still find I have to justify myself to the people who are supposed to be there to help. The police wouldn’t take a complaint, they said it was to late by the time I was alble to talk to them about it, it was about 3 months.
    There needs to be change in the way equality works regarding abuse. It infuriates me to here news stories about government initiatives or Charities highlighting the lack of resources for domestic abuse, but they only talk about women on most occassions.
    Equality would be a great thing if it was actually seen as equality.

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    1. I have seen abusive women, and they can be worse than men in their “weapons” of verbal, mental and psychological assaults. They can bring sheer terror to a man’s world, and be completely believed no matter what abuse they inflict onto their victims.

      My mother was an abusive alcoholic (which is why I won’t touch alcohol), and my non-biological grandmother was quite Narcissistic in her “behind closed doors” abuse, and making others think she was the “innocent”. I think all of this is why I have more difficulty in trusting women, than I do men (even though I’m a woman).

      I’ve come across abusive men, as well, but I can still say that women were much more fierce in their tactics, and caused their targets deeper trauma.

      I am sorry for what you and your loved ones have been made to endure, but I do appreciated your bravery and openness at sharing so that others won’t feel so alone. xxxooo ♥️ 💜 ❤️


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