Angels in Uniforms

Earth Angels in Uniforms, BBYCGN

Angels in uniforms behead

sinister monsters, lurking beneath beds.

My babies, I still hold, with a heart laid bare;

healed scrapes and cuts on knees still glare.

Fear and pride gnawing as toys are stored away;

but, my young men of today were born just yesterday!


Angels in uniforms; mother still straightens bends;

addressed as adults, but childhood never ends.

My babies, forever, I see, looking into their eyes;

threaded together; love always survives.

Thoughts bleed through me, entertaining my time;

tiny feet wild and free, now boots, patent leather shine.


Angels in uniforms, transcend

malignant monsters toward their dismal end.

My babies, forever, I hear; sweet child prayers to share;

tears cannot justify this womb’s unsettled fare.

Joy and pain mixing; such a strange blend.

Heroes’ wounds heal slow, skinned knees, a quick mend.


Protecting my babies, as men, they protect me.

But momma refuses to quit rearing,

as she continues to watch over her babies’ needs.

Copyright ©Tamara Yancosky – All Rights Reserved

Angels in Uniforms

Angels in Uniforms

Angels in Uniforms

Angels in Uniforms



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