Death of The Butterfly Cult

Death of The Butterfly Cult

Death of The Butterfly Cult –

It was a colony, flittering together, forming a spectacular arena of pulsating colors. The flowery fragrances of springtime enhanced this vibrant stage. Enthralling joy glistened through the wings of each flying insect, in all corners of the meadow, except in one place.

All alone, fluttering about, unseen by the distant beauties, was a margarine-fly. After a time, this loner got the nerve to glide over to the large butterfly group, and hover among them.

The colony ostracized the margarine-fly and made it leave back into its hush, darkened field. At once, the wings of all the gorgeous  butterflies turned a dirty gray. The lovely rainbow faded away. The butterfly cult met its death.

But the margarine-fly, alive and well, developed a stronger identity by learning to not need others to make it happy. It also sprung forth the brightest, and most stunning colored wings ever seen, again, in the flying insect kingdom, and drew in many.

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Death of The Butterfly Cult


  1. Sic transit gloria mundi…

    The inevitable fate of all appearance-based aristocracies. Oh, they seem to sparkle at the time, and who among us hasn’t been dazzled on occasion – but looks are supremely mobile, refusing to stay in any one place for long.

    That’s not to say those blessed with a natural sparkle can’t offer anything more permanent, but they have to cultivate that allure, as do we all. Looks come and go; we should contrive to deliver more than just aesthetics.

    Of course, you express it more artfully and memorable than I, Tamara!

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