Privilege of Terror – Killing Mommy Excerpt

Privilege of Terror - Killing Mommy Excerpt

The girl was not searching for freedom. Unequipped to cope outside her isolation, such a privilege would create terror.

She was desperate for the parental guidance needed to live a normal life outside her bedroom. And she craved love and security.

However, the important skills needed to protect herself from monsters in the world were a void concept since she already lived among one such spiritually deformed creature.


I am in the process of publishing the sensitive details of my memoir.

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Privilege of Terror - Killing Mommy Excerpt


  1. The first reaction, Tamara, is one of despair. How to flee the monsters when one of them lurks in the closet and is poised beneath the bed? Not an eight-year-old mind’s frantic conjuring, either, but a very real beast.

    Yet, something also stirred within you, something which believed stubbornly in a world far better than anything she had known so far. A quality that helped you become the woman you are today.

    This, it turns out, is far more powerful than was the creature. You persisted, Tamara, and this especially is the story I’m eager to read.

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  2. It’s going to be an excellent piece, Tamara – so brave!! Also I don’t know what happened but I inadvertently removed your beautiful comment on my post – WordPress can be quite a challenge – so thank you for what you said and yes love this high waisted skirt! Hope you’re doing ok!!
    Donna W

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