Shelter of Mental Health

Shelter of Mental Health

Shelter –

Inside my room

is where I take shelter

from the demon’s


of Helter-Skelter.


If my walls were soundproof,

I would never hear roar

the sadistic monster

that lurks beyond

my door.


Night and day,

here, I abide;

and for month and years,

I hide…

I hide!


Bearing witness

to various colors of attire

the trees outside wear,

peering outside my window,

I shall not dare!


Books, a typewriter,

my radio and dolls;

needed security,

I find within

these four walls.


My free-flowing mind’s eye

will give furious chase

to any boredom

chancing to enter

this place.


I am contented

to live here forever,

as long as heavy blankets on each pane

are still holding together.


But I need to locate

much safer shelter

from the ravaging

of my mind’s own



Our own minds can give us wing-bound freedom or enslave us in a world of darkness and terror.

Subjected to negative messages as children, we play these audio recordings over and over in our mind.

These detrimental dialogues become our reality as they take a life of their own, affecting how we behave, live out our lives, and decide.

It would be helpful for us to remember to build ourselves up and not continue to re-injure ourselves by ruminating on traumatic feedback from others who have their own personal issues of enslavement.

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Shelter of Mental Health, BBYCGN



  1. How fluent are you in monster noises, Tamara?

    Because, seems to me, these creatures aren’t snarling, they’re whimpering. They’re contemplating the moment you realize you’ve been out of your room for years now, and may go wherever you please.

    These monsters may be many things, but they’re not blind. They’ve seen how you bested the most wicked of their lot, the Narcissist. What chance do they have? Just glancing in their direction will crumble most of them.

    Though you don’t need anything more, you also have us along for the ride. Best the creatures remain quiet, and delay for a while getting what the Narcissist had coming to him.

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