Pains of Sin

Pains of Sin, BBYCGN

Pains of Sin –

Beyond crimson roses await barbaric thorns;

and within lacquered coffins, tarry shells never born.


Beyond soft fleeced wolves appear burgundy-stained fangs;

and within well-fed princes, spring other hunger pangs.


Beyond seasons of spring, advance plans to die;

and within youths’ ingenuity, withered age asks, “Why?”.


No matter what sin brings into your life, trust in Jesus Christ and he will see you through and into the gates of eternity!

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Pains of Sin, BBYCGN

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  1. Beautifully expressed, Tamara. You obviously took great care to chose just the right words. Something stirred your heart.

    Vital to remember a dark tide often seeps to the surface. Just as important, though, to consider that the only reason malevolence appears to be so dark in the first place is because light surrounds it. The “Beyond” beyond the beyond.

    Do I get a prize for typing that three times?

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