Torture of Akathisia

Torture of Akathisia

Torture of Akathisia is all that its title implies, and more. I am creating this post so that anyone who ever experiences this miserable state will know what they call it and can find a remedy to reverse it. You are not alone!

I still have emotional scars from this nightmarish affair I suffered as a teenager and also as an adult. I get flashbacks of the severe inner-panic and terror and I feel like I am actually experiencing it in real-time. This is how traumatic it was.

Severe Akathisia manifests itself during the use of various medications and certain medical ailments. It is an unbearable side-effect that one cannot ignore no matter the person’s strength of character, iron drive, or the most stubborn of constitutions.

It is an understatement to depict this condition as restlessness or the inability to stay still. A more accurate description might better validate a sufferer’s Akathisia Crisis by saying it is akin to chemical torture which one cannot escape.

Even after its torment is over, the memory remains mirroring visions of jumping out of one’s skin in a frenzied panic of terror.

Akathisia makes every second too long to bear. And, the thought of future moments bring on excruciating alarm.

Though Akathisia begets the intolerable ability to remain still, movement does not rectify this frantic situation. It is a storm brewing faster than that which a victim can keep up whether he paces, runs, darts, or agitates his body in fierce movements.

Akathisia, within itself, causes the need to escape the skeleton, but its impossibility (without causing death) makes this a horrible predicament.

Some medications that might help take the edge of this hellish state are Cogentin (Benztropine), Klonopin, or Benadryl.

Once relief arrives, you will kiss the ground, humble yourself in delicious gratitude, or call your enemies to tell each one how much you love them.

Akathisia is also known as a means of torture during warfare that is used as a weapon causing victims to take their own lives.


Or as David Foster Wallace put it before he died:

  • “The person in whom its invisible agony reaches an unendurable level will kill herself the same way a trapped person will jump from the window of a burning high-rise… The terror of falling from a great height is still just as great… It’s not desiring the fall, it’s the terror of the flames… You’d have to have personally been trapped and felt flames to understand a terror beyond falling”.

Bruce Springsteen seems to be describing – See Here:

  • “During this period, I was so profoundly uncomfortable in my own skin that I just wanted OUT. It feels dangerous and bring plenty of unwanted thoughts. I was uncomfortable doing anything. Standing …walking …sitting down…everything brought waves of an agitated anxiety that I’d spend every waking minute trying to dispel. Demise and foreboding were all that awaited and sleep was the only respite. During waking hours, I’d spend the day trying to find a position I would feel all right in for the next few minutes. I was not hyper. In fact, I was too depressed to concentrate on anything of substance”.
  • In fact, the drug lobby would like you to believe that akathisia is simply “restless leg syndrome.” As a result, sufferers of akathisia, as well as the medical professionals with whom they consult, are not able to recognize the symptoms of akathisia and therefore take the steps necessary to stop it. This lack of knowledge has tragically resulted in akathisia sufferers taking their own lives, and leaving behind devastated loved ones.

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Torture of Akathisia Torture of Akathisia Torture of Akathisia



  1. Wow, Tamara, this sounds dreadful. Worse still, if that can be imagined, as I’m reading about the condition now for the first time. Honestly, I had no idea.

    No wonder remembering it today, even though it’s safely in the past, renews the trauma anew.

    Are there words to encourage, to mitigate? Maybe, but they elude me at present, as my mind is spinning.

    Thus, in swooped the Narcissist to feast on this vulnerability. All the more outstanding an accomplishment for you to have flown free from his grasp, Tamara.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, a sincere “thank you” for your words of encouragement, TA. It’s just another article, really, to help sufferers know they are not alone and to give this torturous experience a name for those who might not know what’s going on (along with the triggering agents and possible antidotes).

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I just spent a week and a half dealing with this as a result of Klonopin. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. I was prescribed this medication for nightmares and night terrors… akathisia is quite literally a waking nightmare. I’m attempting to come off of it again (my doctor put me back on after having me taper all the way off because the problem it was solving returned). I would rather deal with the actual nightmares/terrors than what I’ve been experiencing.

    Liked by 1 person

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