Starving Hearts

Starving Hearts, Monikajeneva

Starving hearts cause predators of all types to view us as hearty fuel. Yum. Yum.

Narcissists and Sociopaths can detect desperation and loneliness from a long way off, and will rush in to fill our voids, while emptying our bank accounts, mental and physical health, spirituality, identities, and emotional constitution.

Keeping our hearts well-fed with self-love, self-acceptance, and self-kindness will go far is preventing us from becoming victims of dangerous predators who feed us scraps, leaving us empty, or much worse.

Above all, there is no greater nourishment than that of God’s Perfect Love for us!

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Starving Hearts, BBYCGN
Starving Hearts, Tamara Yancosky Starving Hearts, BBYCGN Starving Hearts, BBYCGN Starving Hearts Starving HeartsStarving Hearts Starving Hearts Starving Hearts Starving Hearts Starving Hearts


  1. A genuine shame, Tamara, as Narcissists, etc. usually don’t want for native talent. Their manipulations and scheming require a certain creativity and even sensitivity.

    Yet, these resources are squandered, and deformed, in nefarious pursuits.

    That’s why they seek empty hearts, because it gives them somewhere to hide and, like a tapeworm, to sap what little vitality their victims once had.

    In fact, if they remain attached too long, these creatures turn their victims themselves into Narcissists, thus continuing the corrosion. The longer they’re at it, the more stubbornly they cling.

    That’s why uncommon individuals such as yourself. Tamara, who shook herself free of (multiple) Narcissists’ grasps, are to be recognized and admired.

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