Digital Prince

Digital Prince, Narcissistic Abuse, BBYCGN

Online boyfriend;

digital prince!

For the sheer,

glitzy fun of it,

her heart

he minced.


Cyberspace girlfriend;

his virtual fool!

Over her

unsuspecting eyes,

he pulled

the wool.


Hyperspace soulmate;

digital man!

Her life,

he colored,

with his

erasable crayon.


Infobahn lover;

his virtual woman!

He darkened her soul,

as his devotion emitted

not a single


Digital Prince, Narcissistic Abuse, BBYCGN

Digital Prince

The Predator is around every Cyber-Corner in your area, and mine, too! Some of them hide out in Cyber-Alleyways, Cyber-Parks, and behind Cyber-Store Parking Lots… waiting… watching… stalking… picking their noses, and eating their findings… 

We can never realize who is behind any individual’s profile picture, or their alluring words that can give off the appearance as being “one of the good guys, or gals”, who might hide their true Narcissistic or Sociopathic self.

Giving out personal information online is dangerous, no matter how well we might think we know the individual (men or women!), with whom we are communicating.

Please be careful!

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Digital Prince, Narcissistic Abuse, BBYCGN Digital Prince, Narcissistic Abuse, BBYCGN, Tamara Yancosky, Monika Jeneva

Digital Prince, Narcissistic Abuse, BBYCGN, Tamara Yancosky, Monika Jeneva

Digital Prince, Narcissistic Abuse, BBYCGN, Tamara Yancosky, Monika Jeneva Digital Prince, Narcissistic Abuse, BBYCGN, Tamara Yancosky, Monika Jeneva Digital Prince, Narcissistic Abuse, BBYCGN, Tamara Yancosky, Monika Jeneva





Narcissistic Personality Disorder – Poem


  1. I like the “zigzag” poetry style. Minimum words, maximum sense. Great job, Tamara Nika.

    You mentioned a very important topic in your poetry. The cyberspace is a very interesting place, where different types of people spend a lot of time pursuing their goals.

    It is interesting, but people always declare their real goals in one or another way, and if you listen to them very attentively, it becomes clear what they really want from you pretty early.

    And, if you don’t want to waste your time on meaningless activity, it’s absolutely critical to recognize the person’s real goal from the very beginning. And, if your and that person’s goal is different, it always leads to nowhere. So, it is wise to say to that person: “Thank you for your time and conversation, be well” and leave him/her be.

    About online predators…

    Yeah, it is more than easy to find them on the internet.

    Almost all of them are the “small caliber” predators – extramarital activists, sex/porn addicts, voyeurists, attention seekers, fantasists, pedophiles, sadists, you name it. They are narrow minded people (interested only in a particular topic that “fixes” them) and their goals are simplistic.

    But it is very hard to find a “big caliber” persons. They aren’t interested in hunting and they are not talkative people in general. They read a lot and listen to people instead. They have a very high level of awareness and they aren’t comfortable with themselves. They try to find their internal peace. They like to ask questions, but don’t like to give answers. They are “truth seekers”.

    Living in a highly homophobic and anti-lgbtq country, I don’t have any possibility to learn about the lgbtq type of people.

    I was interested to find the one particular type of person – a real person with a real name, officially diagnosed (PCL-R, plus any other medical documents) transgender (post hormone replacement therapy and surgery) pro-social psychopath to talk with.

    I thought it wouldn’t be hard to find that person on the internet, but I was very wrong. My husband told me that “it is an impossible combination and you’ll never find that person”.

    I had spent 2 years looking for that person and finally I found them. That person was willing not only to talk with me openly, but meet me in real life and introduce me to their psychotherapist and two members of the lgbtq community who have similar problems also. I’ve got not only insight about the nature of gender dysphoria, but a lot of introspection. Fantastic.

    But, spending 2 years looking for that person, I talked to a lot of “small caliber” predators as a side effect.

    They were really so obvious, so predictable and so easy to spot even after a couple of sentences. They were literally everywhere, I even saw them on the potentially “boring” sites like a knitting paradise community! I remember I was thinking: “People have a lot of various kinks, even the darkest ones, but knitting…wow…c’mon…”. That day I learned. Lol.

    When my “online adventure” was finished, my husband asked me: “Can you describe, using the one single word, how all of those people felt to you?”, I answered: “Slippery”.

    Everything about them sounds and feels “slippery” and this is a key concept.

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    1. Wow, thank you for this comment, NN. I am not sure what lgbtq means, though.
      Thank you for your kind words about my poem.
      I had never, before, heard of “zigzag” style and will look it up.

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  2. The “zigzag” style poetry is the text, that looks like a zigzag when you draw the imaginary lines from the first and last letters of every row down to the end of a text on both sides. I don’t know how it is called in your country, but we call it a “zigzag” in mine. And it is pretty hard to write a meaningful “zigzag”.

    LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) people are persons, who have different from assigned or gender-fluid sexual identity.

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    1. Oh, thank you for describing ZigZag poetry to me. I’m totally lost on all that other stuff you said, though. Not sure why your comment even carries on like it does. Why should sexual preferences interest me? It doesn’t.


  3. This internet thingy makes possible all sorts of connections, Tamara. In many cases that’s great, as it inspires new friendships. Like ours, for example.

    On the other hand, cyberspace is the Narcissists’ playground. I suspect if people aren’t careful, they soon will have an answer to “What…Could…Possibly…Go…Wrong?”

    Eh, what else is new? Like any tool, the internet brings good and bad, depending on whose hand caresses or brandishes it.

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