Procrastination Writing My Book

Procrastination Writing My Book

Procrastination is marking the timeline in which I had set to publish my book. But, I am working on this creature and I assure you, its production will come to pass.

Why the procrastination?

1). I don’t know;

2). Its creation brings horrid flashbacks to my mind;

3). Awakened memories beg for a voice, so I need to keep redoing the memoir;

4). Ugh!

But, upon my word, my memoir will make its debut as I continue to keep you all posted.

Thank you for your tolerance!



Procrastination Writing My Book Procrastination Writing My Book


  1. How much of it is procrastination, Tamara, and how much of it is multitasking?

    Just because you’re not staring intently at a blank page (screen) muttering to yourself, it doesn’t mean you’re neglecting the project.

    Sometimes you do your best thinking when something else (seemingly) occupies your attention. We are capable of doing more than one thing at once, you know.

    Just watch – when you return to your work a burst of creativity will accompany it.

    So, you really weren’t idle, were you, Tamara?

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