Gaslighting and Narcissists

Gaslighting and Narcissists, BBYCGN

Gaslighting is super easy for Narcissists to pull off because they are so full of hot air that they must get it out somehow, or else they get major tummy aches.

Yes, when Narcissistic Personalities gaslight, it is a bunch of B.S.; this does not make it any less harmful, or damaging to their victims.

Gaslighting is a favorite tactic for Narcissists because if they can cause us to second-guess ourselves, then we will reach out to them in greater dependence. Of course, this increases the Narcissist’s control and domination over us, which theythrive on.

There are many other reasons predators like to gaslight their victims, such as if they go around claiming we are crazy or delusional, it gets the word out to others to prepare for future Smear Campaigns. Diabolical Personalities are always 10 steps ahead!

The more subtle their crazy-making techniques, the more damage done to our mentality. Masked monsters can brainwash us without our awareness. Therefore, the respecting the quiet tugging of our intuition needs serious reflection and action, even if we can’t pinpoint why something seems off.

The more confident we are about believing in ourselves, the less appealing we will seem to Narcissists, and they will prey on those who are more unsure of themselves (not always, but just as a general rule).

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Gaslighting and Narcissists, BBYCGNGaslighting and Narcissists, BBYCGNGaslighting and Narcissists, BBYCGN Gaslighting and Narcissists, BBYCGNGaslighting and Narcissists, BBYCGNGaslighting and Narcissists, BBYCGN


  1. One thing that impressed me, Tamara, after reading this post, is how dependent Narcissists are on their victims. Everything, every thought, every scheme, is designed to trap and demean the victim. So completely dedicated are Narcissists to their nefarious purposes, it’s a wonder they even remember how to breathe and fluctuate their hearts.

    How absurdly weak.

    That conclusion leads to a question – have you ever known, either in experience or by rumor, of a Narcissist who recovered himself? After all, most Narcissists didn’t acquire their depravities alone; another Narcissist created the monster initially. As such, no Narcissist can be 100% given to his internal demons. Do you know of any that freed himself?

    Please don’t misunderstand me – I’m not trying to be difficult, nor is there a point I’m trying to make. Just curious, that’s all.

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    1. This is a marvelous question, TA, and I’m so happy you have asked!

      First of all, one of the reasons why Narcissists despise us is because they do need us. They need us to be their mirrors so that they do not have to face themselves, and their massive shame. They will never admit this truth, though.

      I have never known a Narcissist to “heal” even with a therapist, let alone on their own. They delude themselves into thinking their way is perfect, and that it is, we, who are pathetic.

      They cannot change because they feel no need to do so. Their shame is not only hidden from us, but it is also hidden far away from themselves.

      I’m always happy to answer questions, TA.

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      1. Thanks for the answer, Tamara!

        You’re right, curing Narcissists requires a detached self-reflection (“Just what am I trying to do here?”) of which they’re incapable. Hating themselves and belittling others keeps them mired, and they never gain the “altitude” necessary for honest self-examination. Even when their victims, such as you, fly free, Narcissists merely look at the sky blankly, blink a couple times, then plant their faces back in the muck.

        Well, okay, maybe not “never.” I mean, within our species’ countless millennia, I’m sure it’s happened from time to time, but certainly never in your experience.

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      1. In the last hours he has texted me…and of course it’s my fault, last time I saw him was last night when he left me bc I wouldn’t get in his car!

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            1. If he truly is a Narcissist, then No Response to his questions are The Best response. You cannot reason with a Narcissist. In their eyes, they are ALWAYS right. If he is truly a Narcissist, and he’s says ‘he’s sorry, and he will change’, it’s just a ploy to get you back so that he/she can continue to abuse and isolate you.

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                1. A Narcissist can be more readily seen by their ongoing patterns of Love Bombing, Devaluation, Discarding, & Hoovering… not just single abusive actions.

                  You also can listen to your intuition, and see if it’s telling you that things with this person “just don’t add up”, or “something is off”, even if you cannot put your finger on it.

                  Google Narcissistic Abuse – Sam Vaknin- He has much in information about NPD Abuse.

                  I, also, have a massive amount of NPD articles on this blog about Narcissists. The category is: “Monsters”. If you go to Search box, and put in Monsters, they are all there.

                  I am NOT an expert, just been through much experience with them (online & offline) for many years, and their Flying Monkeys!

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                    1. Because they feel entitled to have anyone they want, even apart from their partner.

                      Most all Narcissists cheat. It has nothing to do with you, but is about the Narcissist.

                      You could be everything they want, and they would still cheat. They get bored, easily, and cannot really love anyone. So, they feel no remorse for cheating.


                    2. No problem. When in a relationship with a Narcissist, we tend to get isolated from our friends and family. Narcissists make this happen so we have no one to turn to, and remain dependent on them (and a variety of other reasons).


  2. Wow….looks like these abusers read the same book and went to a class together. How else can they say the same ‘crazy’ things…despite color or race or country….my abuser put me in mental hospital and told my children I was gonna die!

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