Please Take Me Back, Narcissist!

Please Take Me Back, Narcissist!

Please take me back, Narcissist!

I shall be all the fuel that you will ever need;

you will flourish like a well-nourished garden;

and I shall, again, wither like a dried-out weed.


Please take me back, Prince Harming!

Let us go back to that euphoric, Honeymoon Phase;

I shall accept all your sugary lies,

and crawl beneath your heels in a love-soaked daze.


Please take me back, Heartbreaker!

Thus, the overflowing supply I shall give you will be a lot;

I shall stay, here, waiting for you;

and oh, by the way, Narcissist, Ha… Ha… Not!


Please Take Me Back, Narcissist!

Narcissism and other Cluster B Personality Disorders, such as that of Sociopathy and Psychopathy, have certain patterns seen through hindsight. Over time, these Dark Personalities penetrate their victims’ mentality, psyche, and identity, causing major damage.

These Personality Disordered individuals all appear to have patterns in which they use when executing their abuse. This often involves the Idealization Phase– known as Love Bombing- which will leave us floating above the clouds in a hypnotic daze of euphoria, the Devaluation Phase, and the Discard Phase, which will slam us back down to earth, or much lower.

Please Take Me Back, Narcissist!

1). Stockholm Syndrome occurs when the victim of an abuser develops a bond, an attachment, to the abuser, irregardless of the abuser’s dangerous character, and the severity of his/her abuse upon the victim.

2). Hoovering, by Proxy, is when the Narcissist keeps tabs, or keeps his/her victim triggered via the Narcissist’s Flying Monkeys and/or Enablers, checking up on the victim by email, or other means, of communication.

The Flying Monkeys, or Enablers, might disguise their dark intentions by asking the victim ‘how she/he is getting along’, or statements of concern, “I haven’t heard from you in a long time, and I miss you!”, but their true intentions become visible in subtle pokes, and jabs, to trigger, and re-injure the victim.

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Please Take Me Back, Narcissist! Please Take Me Back, Narcissist! Please Take Me Back, Narcissist!

Please Take Me Back, Narcissist!Please Take Me Back, Narcissist!
Please Take Me Back, Narcissist!Please Take Me Back, Narcissist!Please Take Me Back, Narcissist!

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  1. We’ve discussed this before, Tamara, but Narcissists steep in vinegar so long the acid ate away all their feelings, both for themselves and for others, long ago. All that’s left is an impulse to denigrate and to destroy. To let their victims’ misery lessen the Narcissist’s self-loathing ever-so-slightly.

    People who genuinely like themselves have a similarly sunny view of others. n romance, this brings delight at your one-and-only being happy. Share the wealth! Why is it you being in a good mood puts me I an even better mood?

    Liked by 1 person

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