Thunderstorms In Marriage – Haiku

Thunderstorms of Marriage - Haiku

Thunderstorms in Marriage – Haiku

Deep thunderous moans;

lightening-charged climaxes

quench earth’s marriage bed.

Copyright ©Tamara

Thunderstorms in Marriage - Haiku


  1. Is this the one that was meant for married couples, Tamara? In which case, eh? I don’t get it.

    Pretending, though, for the moment, I can appreciate this haiku – brilliant! You’ve got all sorts of entendres going here, Tamara – double, triple, and then some. All sharply expressive, though. Each word erupts into an ecstatic display.

    As befits the subject matter (one of them, at least). If, that is, I had any idea what you meant.

    I don’t, though. No clue. Honest.

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