Solace in God

Solace in God, Tamara Yancosky - BBYCGN

Solace in God –

Intoxicated with the faithless monster that stirs my core into that familiar, grisly paralysis, a gray-marbled voice whispers into my soul, “there is no way out!”.

I swing back and forth from the universal cord that divides life from death as flashbacks of unspeakable tragedies feign their existence as present time, in the malevolent hope that I will release my grasp, and surrender into this monster’s barren depths.

But, as long as there is God (who is eternal, and never-changing), there is solace even among the unutterable, darkest regions of time!

His Light does not cease to shine, nor is it ever out of our reach, but if we only call to Him!

In Him, I am healed.


Psalm 34:4

I sought the Lord, and he answered me
    and delivered me from all my fears.


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Solace in God, Tamara Yancosky - BBYCGN None to Perish!

Kingdom of Heaven

New Creation


  1. Powerful writing, Tamara, crystalline in its intensity and, of course, so true.

    As long as the monster draws our attention downward, wide-eyed in terror, trying to comprehend the gaping abyss, we are his plaything.

    “Don’t look up!” he snarls, yet we do, furtively at first, then with determination. Light and warmth bathe our faces as purpose becomes constant and glorious. Up and into the light, the monstrous maw retreating, then disappearing altogether.

    Theology, aspiration…both, actually. What an inspiring scene your words have painted, Tamara!

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