Forever Unforgettable!

Forever Unforgettable!

Forever Unforgettable!

How can words describe the infinite heights in which the trees rise to meet the skies without needing airline tickets to do so?

What about the hollow echoes of the owl’s wisdom advising the nightlife to move into a deeper purpose?

Which words, of many, might adequately explain the young, brazen blue mountains that no amount of elements has faded?

Do you still remember the sweet, musky scent of pine and woods after the first rainfall?

I have not, yet, found any words or actions suitable to justify the wholeness of love in which I carry in my soul for my children. And never will, I.

You two, my sons, are my life; forever unforgettable.

Definition of Unconditional Love

Copyright BBYCGN

Forever Unforgettable!


      1. You mean, besides Snoop Dogg hawking salsa along with Martha Stewart? Because NOBODY saw that one coming. (Rolls eyes.)

        I can say right now, Tamara, even sight-unseen, yours will be, like, 1,001 times better.

        Now, can I endure the suspense?

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