Hearts of Heroism

Hearts of Heroism

Hearts of Heroism –

One of my babies just made Corporal in the Military, today! And my other baby is a Captain in the Fire Department!

I had my children when I was still in the mischievous days of youth, and they also sped to the top fast.

When I was a teenager, I once had a psychologist mention to my dad that “Tamara is psychologically immature and emotionally undeveloped. (Severe ADHD).” So, even as I write this, I am only about two years old.

Hearts of Heroism

The heroism of these young men is not the sole result of their sacrificial positions but their rare propensities to embody that which is decent and right in this world, despite the crude cards in which life dealt them.

Faced with brutal terrain and colossal adversities, my younger son tenaciously poured the entirety of his enduring spirit into paving his way from the crumbling edges of destruction into a triumphant victory.

Thank you, Dear Jesus!

My older son’s depth of humbleness is breathtaking in the radiance of his lionhearted bravery and determination to his call of duty. He was featured in People Magazine during 2018 for his adept skills, and fearlessness in confronting and battling, head on, a well known, national- death dragon– inferno.

Thank you, Lord Jesus!

Hearts of Heroism

Though humble, my sons are brimming with the one substance in which the strength of inner-character thrives… heart.

Their humility dares

that I cease to share,

but how can I bare

not expressing such flare?

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Hearts of Heroism
Hearts of Heroism


  1. That is sooooo AWESOME Tamara! That is so good to hear! GOD BLESS you and them! These careers are not easy and sometimes mocked and under thanked. I KNOW! This territory is hard ground. I pray the LORD softens their steps. BE BLESSED and have a wonderful day!

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  2. Hmm… I say because of your faith in the risen Lord Jesus, Ms. Tamara, you are more mature than approximately two-thirds of the world’s population. A faith that I suspect you passed on to your children so that they too, can answer the Lord’s calling in their professional and personel lives. The love you have for your children shines in your writing, which reminds me of something I once wrote for Mother’s Day. A Mother’s Love: A mother’s love can only be measured by counting the grains of sand from one shore to another and even then, there would not be enough sand. Blessings.

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