Dirty Secret, Killing Mommy Memoir, Excerpt

Dirty Secret, Killing Mommy Memoir, Excerpt

The girl had held in her dirty secret until repressed trauma surfaced, and the school counselor drew the details out of her.

Sobbing, she begged him to never tell her mother her dirty secret because she knew she would get into trouble. But, her parents were told, a few years later, by a clinical psychologist who did not understand that the girl’s mother was really a demon.

The young teenager was blamed for her whoredom, which the demon concluded was the reason for the ongoing molestation, and the finale all-out rape that the girl endured at 13 years of age by her mother’s live-in male friend.

Little did anyone know, or care, that it was an ongoing, deliberate pursuit on the demon’s part to put her daughter in situations which resulted in the girl getting attacked by predators.

I am in the process of publishing the sensitive details of my memoir.

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Dirty Secret, Killing Mommy Memoir, Excerpt


    1. Thank you, Bill. ♥️ We had another evacuation so it’s put a halt on my writing, again. But, when I get more pages written, I will call on you.

      I have my PayPay account all set up so you can help me with the technicalities of the publishing process. 😃


  1. Oh, Tamara, utterly terrible. Daunting enough for an adult to absorb, but for a child?

    You say you’re over it, but you haven’t forgotten. It took astonishing emotional strength to get over the situation, and you have. Better yet, that strength is still with you, and it makes the world so much better, not just for yourself, but for those around you.

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