Hustle, Dear Father!

Hustle, Dear Father!

Hustle, Dear Father –

Holy Father, give me the courage, now, to trudge in faith despite the damning arrows the world plunges through my core!

Paralytic terror seizes me!

Hustle, Dear Father!

God Speaks:

Do not let your mind travel to dark places that you need not pass.

My timing is for your good; you must not force that which has not yet come to pass, if ever.

The dread you fear are those despairing corners within your own mind.

Stay in the moment with Me, child.

Do not flee to the future, or past.

Stay right here, with Me, my child!

2 Samuel 22:49-50

Who brings me away from my enemies.

Yes, you lift me up above those who rise up against me.

You deliver me from the violent man.

Therefore I will give thanks to you, LORD, among the nations,

and will sing praises to your name.


All Rights Reserved, Dudes


Hustle, Dear Father! Yancosky, Tamara

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  1. Wow Tamara, I genuinely love this piece! It’s a beautiful reminder that Father God is with us ALWAYS, especially in the moments when we can’t see Him or feel Him. His timing is always perfect and His promises are YES and AMEN.

    This reminds me of the print art I have in my office. It reads, “The past is your lesson, the present is your gift, and the future is your motivation.” Staying in the present moment with God truly is our gift. He will keep us in perfect peace when we trust His guidance and love for us. He will never fail us. Fear has no hold or truth in our lives.

    Beautiful reminder, sister. Thank you for sharing it! 😘

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    1. I am well, thank you. Where I am from has nothing to do with my post. If you are “dying in 2 days” as you said in your post that you wrote several days ago, why do you care where I live?

      Liked by 1 person

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