Cluttered Subjects Blog Award!

Cluttered Subjects Blog Award!

YAY! I nominated myself for the Most Cluttered Subjects Blog Award! My niche varies between anything and everything.

Below are the questions I have asked myself, and their answers:

1). Why is your blog an array of so many different subjects?

Diverse theme issues result from my ADHD and because I change my mind a lot. Also… never mind.

2). Do you have a favorite topic?

Umm, I’d say Christianity is my Go-To, and fulfills me the most.

3). Do you realize that the repercussions of so much diversity in your writing lowers your blog’s Google Engine Search Results and might turn some readers off?

Uh-huh. Ya. Wee!

4). Are you going to try and de-clutter your site for a smoother reader-friendly experience?


5). Is the disorder of your WordPress Site an indication of your personal surroundings?

Like… most definitely. I’m also a minimalist!

6). Can you create a list of your varied categories?

1). Christianity

2). Killing Mommy Memoir

3). Heroes of The Frontline

4). Pets

5). Phobias

6). Mental Health

7). Poetry

8). COVID-19

9). Love

10). Strange Stuff

11). Recipes

For the Most Cluttered Subjects Blog Award, I nominate anyone else who likes awards.

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Cluttered Subjects Blog Award!



  1. The most appealing thing about your site, Tamara, is its variety. Unlike those of us who focus on one thing and offer little but More of the Same, you can (and do) start discussions on this, that, and every other topic beneath the stars.

    Let us construct our imposing museum wings, all prim, proper and marbled. Meanwhile, you’re adding to the cozy – and fun! – house across the street packed full of fascinating tidbits from all over.

    We may conduct pretentious tours during the morning, our lectures echoing in the vast halls, but guess where we all go during our lunch breaks.

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