Ideal Inspiration Award!

Ideal Inspiration Award

I send a dozen roses filled with appreciation for the lovely sentiment of the Ideal Inspiration Award gifted upon me by my dear blogger friend Keerthana!
Thank you! 


1). Who is your inspiration to write?

The Who of my inspiration to write are those who cause me to yell, scream, rejoice, and flounder about in tremendous emotion. YAY!

2). Write a short and sweet quote on ‘inspiration’?

Inspiration comes in many forms and is unique to every individual.

3). How will you inspire others?

I never set out on a mission to inspire my readers. I just write about subjects in which I am passionate.

4). Did you watch disney animation movies?if yes which character is your favorite and why?

I used to watch a lot of Disney movies, but have not done so as of late. I liked the movie Les Miserables. I was inspired by the priest in the beginning of the film. His kindness was authentic evident by his massive selfless actions.

5). Write a few words about your favorite teacher.

My favorite teacher put up with much abuse from many students in the classroom, but his intelligence was keen enough to take his stand and silence the abusers with words alone.
We also had a piano in our classroom and Mr. Lewis played fluidly, by ear. His gift still amazes me!


Since many of my readers do not accept awards, I wish to nominate anyone who will accept. You are all outstanding writers!


Tamara Yancosky

Ideal Inspiration Award Ideal Inspiration Award


  1. Congratulations, Tamara!

    Regarding #3, you inspiring others, that’s a perfect response (inspiring, as it were). Far from setting out with the explicit purpose of exhorting others, which all-too-often dissolves to self-importance, you let your passion motivate you and your readers.

    In so doing, you establish real connections, and you forge the tools others may use to undo their own predicaments. No pretense, just good sense.

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